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Diva Bios 

Birth name: Aida M. Acosta
Born: August 24th, 1989
Debut: 2009
Ring name(s): Aida Marie and Aida Valentine
Finishing move(s): BGB, Lacy DDT, and Entangled Orchid
Nickname(s): "The Psychotic Siren" and "Leader of The Lemon Ninja Nation"
Currently wrestles for: Independent Scene 
Bio: Aida started watching wrestling at a young age with her family after watching the 1995 Royal Rumble and enjoying the countdown. From there she dived fully into it becoming a huge fan of both major wrestling promotions as the Monday Night Wars started. She officially started wrestling training in 2009 at the WUW school run by WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz. In November of the following year Aida first began to venture out of her monthly school shows and got her first small taste of exposure working a match against Annie Social for the November 20th JAPW show. From there she worked a few other shows before debuting for BWO and DWF in February 2011, in matches against Arlene James and Desirre respectively. The next month Aida made her SWO debut wrestling Roxie Cotton for the SWO Women's Championship and scored the upset victory to become the new champion. She has also wrestled against the likes of Mia Yim. She has gained national exposure while wrestling in Puerto Rico.  

When Aida isn't in the ring, she often spends her time writing, reading and playing video games. She also takes time out to donate and help do her part to benefit those in need whether it is organizing bake sales and canned food drives or volunteering. She has worked with the YMCA in the past as well as educational centers for special needs students. Aida also enjoys chocolate, ninjas, her dog Porkchop, music, comic books, trying to learn the guitar, singing, and more chocolate.


Birth name: Amy Vitale
Born: June 1977
Debut: 1995
Ring name(s): Amy Vitale and Ms. Amy
Finishing move(s): None
Nickname(s): "The Italian Princess of Wrestling" and "Awesome" Amy Vitale
Currently wrestles for: Independent Scene
Bio: Amy has been a lifelong wrestling fan watching the likes of Miss Elizabeth, Missy Hyatt, and Woman on television while growing up. She first started writing for wrestling newsletters, and she even had her own for a considerable amount of time. Her wrestling career officially began when she was a senior in high school. The first promotion she worked for was the Sunshine Wrestling Federation in Florida, where she managed Jed Diamond. Amy eventually developed a wrestling persona and became known as The Italian Princess of Wrestling. Her character can be described as a spoiled mafia princess inspired by the likes of Victoria Gotti and Paris Hilton. During her career, she has established herself as one of Florida's most recognizable wrestling managers. Amy has managed many famous wrestlers in the past including Jerry Lynn, New Jack, Alex Portaeu, The Heartbreak Express, Playboy Bobby Davis, and many more. She has also worked for numerous wrestling organizations such as Full Impact Pro, Florida Championship Wrestling, NWA New York, and the National Wrestling Alliance. Amy has been voted Florida Woman of the Year three years in a row, and Pro Wrestling Manager of the Year twice. In October 2011, Amy stated that while making it to a major televised wrestling program is still one of her goals, she will only make occasional wrestling appearances on the indie circuit from now on. 

Amy continues to have a successful career as a model which began when she was only 16 years old. She has modeled on behalf of Mac Directory Magazine and Nine5Four magazine amongst many others. She is also an official spokeswoman for Patriot Girls for the Troops which is an organization of around 200 models who raise money for U.S. soldiers by selling military themed merchandise. The organization also sells military themed glamor shots and calendars that they themselves have modeled in. Amy also has a career in acting. She has appeared in such television shows and movies as Burn Notice and There's Something About Mary under minor roles.

Birth name: Ashley Sebera
Born: November 1988
Debut: 2013
Ring name(s): Dana Brooke
Finishing move(s): Samoan Driver
Nickname(s): "The Killa Barbie" and the "Total Diva"
Currently wrestles for: WWE
Bio: Ashley started attending WWE events in the summer of 2013. After much speculation, Ashley confirmed that she had signed with the WWE in late 2013, after having her wrestling name changed to Dana Brooke. In September of 2014, Dana made her in-ring debut at an NXT live event, where she teamed with Sasha Banks to defeat Bayley and Alexa Bliss. During the next few months, Dana competed in matches against the likes of Devin Taylor at non-televised events. After a few weeks of vignettes, she made her TV debut during an episode of NXT on April 15, 2015, defeating Blue Pants in a singles match. Dana would continue her willing streak, as she defeated Bayley the very next week on NXT. Dana would suffer her first televised loss at NXT Takeover, teaming with Emma in a match against Charlotte and Bayley on May 20, 2015. She unsuccessfully challenged Asuka at NXT Takeover Respect in October of 2015. After recovering from an injury, Dana made her main roster debut on the May 9, 2016 edition of RAW. During her debut, she attacked Becky Lynch from behind and reignited her alliance with Emma. The team would dub themselves "EnD." Just three nights later on Smackdown, Dana had a successful main roster debut match defeating Becky Lynch. Soon after, Dana started an alliance with Charlotte because of Emma being sidelined with an injury. Dana was drafted to RAW in July of 2016 for the WWE Draft. Dana's alliance with Charlotte ended in spring of 2017, shortly before Charlotte was drafted to Smackdown. In November of 2017, Dana joined Titus Worldwide as a manager. In August 2018, Dana left the group and returned to her former persona.    

Ashley has a storied career in professional bodybuilding. Most notably, Ashley has competed in both the acclaimed Arnold Classic and Arnold Sports Festival.  


Birth name: (Withheld by request)
Born: October 2
Debut: 2009
Ring name(s): Barbi Hayden and Abilene Maverick
Finishing move(s): Barbi Bomb and Hayden Halo DDT
Nickname(s): "The Malicious Maiden of Mattel" and "Lioness of Texas" 
Currently wrestles for: WOW Women of Wrestling and Independent Scene           Bio: Barbi grew up with an athletic background playing softball for eleven years and being a member of her high school's dance team. She was introduced to wrestling by Ken Carson about a year before she debuted. She quickly fell in love with it citing Mickie James as a source of inspiration. One of her key goals with wrestling is to show all the fans out there that a female wrestler can have the dolled up look in the ring while still being taken as a serious athlete. She is the inaugural NWA Lonestar Women's Champion. She has also captured the Total Championship Wrestling Women's Championship. She is also a former TCW Tag Team Champion alongside Ken Carson. In February 2012, she became the Magnificent Ladies Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. In July 2012, Barbi became the new American JOSHI Champion. That same month she lost the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. In September 2012, Barbi captured the NWA Lonestar Women's Championship. In February 2013, Barbi confirmed she would be competing for Women of Wrestling. She lost the American JOSHI Championship the previous month. On March 9, 2013, Barbi made her debut for WOW Women of Wrestling as Abilene Maverick. In June 2013, Barbi made her debut for Ring of Honor (ROH) against Athena Reese. In January 2014, Barbi captured the NWA Women's Championship. She lost the NWA Women's Championship to Santana Garrett in February 2015. In March of 2016, Barbi appeared on the TNA Knockouts Knockdown 4 pay per view. During the event, she defeated established TNA Knockout, Raquel. The pay per view aired later the next month. She returned to the WOW Wrestling promotion in September of 2016, this time under the nickname "The Governor's Daughter."       

Barbi likes to keep up with her athletic lifestyle outside of wrestling. She has experience as a power lifter and keeps up with it whenever possible. Traveling is one of her favorite hobbies, and she claims to have an obsession with dark chocolate.  

Team name: The BFFs
Members: Megan-Kate (Dakota Kai) and Evie
Birth date: May 1988 (Evie) September 1991 (Megan-Kate)
Debut: 2007 (Evie) 2009 (Megan-Kate)  
Finishing move(s): TTYL and Cattle Mutilation (Evie) Bitch Tamer and MKK (Megan Kate) Best Finisher Ever (BFE) (Team move)
Currently wrestlers for: PWA Australia, Shimmer Women Athletes (Evie), and Shine Wrestling (Evie)
Bio: The technical ability of Megan-Kate and the hard-hitting athleticism of Evie form IPW's tag team of BFF. After both starting out as singles competitors, the sassy duo quickly became best friends and uses this bond to overcome many opponents. After working through the IPW Women's Division, the BFFs began a feud with male wrestlers; the Antagonist and Flagboy.  The BFFs came out on top proving they are much more than just pretty faces! Megan-Kate and Evie combine both of their different styles in their much feared finisher: the BFE (Best Finisher Ever), which combines Megan-Kate's neckbreaker and a top rope splash from Evie to incapacitate any opponent. The BFFs have proven to the New Zealand wrestling scene that not only can they wrestle, they are also extremely popular. The BFFs were the only female tag team that was featured in NZPWI's People's Choice Awards for Best Tag Team. They narrowly missed out on number 1 by 0.6%. In 2012, Megan-Kate turned on Evie effectively ending the BFFs for the time being. Evie has since moved on to wrestle in the United States frequently for Shimmer Women Athletes. Megan-Kate and Evie officially reunited in September of 2014. Megan-Kate was out of action for a majority of their separation with an injury. In October of 2015, Evie appeared on an episode of WWE NXT. She unsuccessfully challenged the debuting Nia Jax in a short match. In December of 2016, Evie announced that she had signed a contract with the WWE. Megan-Kate has since gone into semi-retirement. In 2017, Evie was announced as a participant in the WWE Mae Young Classic under the name, Dakota Kai. In early 2018, she entered into a feud with current NXT Women's Champion, Shayna Baszler.     

Both Megan-Kate and Evie enjoy maintaining their active lifestyles while outside of the ring. Megan-Kate is an avid classic car fan, while Evie is a casual gamer. However, wrestling does take up a lot of their time, so they both enjoy spending time with family whenever possible. 

Birth name: Cassie MacIntosh
Born: November 10
Debut: 2009
Ring name(s): KC Cassidy, Cassie MacIntosh, and Peyton Royce
Finishing move(s): Leg-Sweep DDT and Venus Fly Trap
Nickname(s): "The Venus Fly Trap" and "Australia's #1 Bitch"
Currently wrestles for: WWE
Bio: Cassie made her debut match after only two months of training at PWA Australia. This makes her the fastest trained wrestler to compete in the company. She formed an alliance with Robbie Eagles when they defeated Madison Eagles and Mike Valuable in her first match-up. The alliance has seemingly since dissolved. Cassie was injured not too long after her debut, and was sidelined for about eight months. She has made a successful return. She has since claimed herself the PWWA Champion after Madison left Australia. In September 2011, KC suffered an injury and was forced to take time off to recover.  KC made an early and unexpected return to ring one month later. In her return match, she lost against Shazza McKenzie. In January 2012, KC made her debut for Riot City Wrestling. In May, KC relocated to Canada with fellow Australian wrestler Nikita Naridian (Kelly-Ann English) to train at the Storm Wrestling Academy. Shortly after, she captured the PWA Canada Women's Championship, and she had a successful first defense against Kelly-Ann English. In July of that year, KC lost the belt to Kelly-Ann in a rematch. Since then Cassie has returned to the Australian wrestling scene. On October 10, 2014, Cassie made her US wrestling debut for Shine Wrestling. That same month, KC made her debut for Shimmer Women Athletes on volume 67. In March of 2015, KC announced that she had signed a deal with the WWE. Cassie made her debut on the May 13th, 2015 edition of NXT, losing to Sasha Banks. In August of 2015, it was announced that the WWE changed Cassie's ring name to Peyton Royce. In January of 2016, she would become known as "The Venus Fly Trap of NXT." The character is similar to that of Batman villain, Poison Ivy. In October of that same year, Peyton started an alliance with Billie Key. The two would become known as "The Iconic Duo." Peyton also picked up her first televised win on NXT, defeating the debuting Danielle Kamela. The Iconic Duo debuted on WWE Smackdown in April of 2018, where they began a feud with Charlotte Flair and Auska. Peyton picked up her first singles victory on Smackdown by defeating Naomi later in August. 

Cassie cites John Cena and the late Eddie Guerrero as her inspirations in wrestling. Outside of wrestling she enjoys spending time with her family and listening to the likes of The All-American Rejects and NEYO. 

Birth name: Unknown 
Born: May 1983
Debut: 2002
Ring name(s): Daizee (Daisy) Haze and Marley
Finishing move(s): Crashed Out and Mind Trip
Nickname(s): "The Haze"
Currently wrestles for: Independence Scene
Bio: Daizee admits to never being a wrestling fan growing up because strong language and violence was never allowed in her house. After high school, one of her friends started training to become a pro wrestler. One day, she went with her friend to one of these training sessions, and she continued to do so until she began to train herself. From that point on, Daizee never stopped wrestling. She has worked for numerous wrestling organizations all across the world winning over 5 different titles throughout her career. She's also the head trainer for Shimmer Women Athletes. She states, "I want to change the status of women's wrestling. It should be looked at and respected as a competitive sport that involves talent and athleticism; talent aside from looks and athleticism aside from rolling around on the ground and pulling hair." It was announced that Haze would be a member of the Wrestlicious roster wrestling under the ring name Marley. As of mid/late 2011, it is rumored that Haze will take a break from wrestling due to an injury she suffered. She resurfaced around a year later as a valet for an independent event. Daizee made a surprise return to Shimmer in October of 2015 for Volume 79. She competed in an eight person tag team match and was victorious. This was also Portia Perez's retirement match.   

Haze has a very unique wrestling personality. She creates all of her colorful and psychedelic wrestling attires by hand, and she creates attires for other wrestlers as well. She claims that her character is a "peace-spreading love-sharing flower-child. Not big on fighting, but she loves to wrestle a fair competitive match."

Outside of wrestling, Daizee enjoys listening to reggae and dub-style music. She also studied Exercise Science at a university. Her favorite movies are The Brave Little Toaster, the Kill Bill series, and the Saw series. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is her favorite TV show.


Birth name: Danielle Moinet
Born: November 1983
Debut: 2011
Ring name(s): Summer Rae and Danielle Moinet
Finishing move(s): Summer Crush
Nickname(s): "The First Lady of NXT”
Currently wrestles for: Independent Scene
Bio: Danielle signed a contract with the WWE in November 2011. A month later she made her debut at Florida Championship Wrestling during a non-wrestling segment. She soon changed her name to Summer Rae and began working as a ring announcer and manager. In March 2012, she became the general manager of FCW. During her tenure as GM she notably deactivated the Queen of FCW crown. She made her in-ring debut at an FCW live event that April losing to Sofia Cortez in a three-way match that also involved Paige. In February 2013, Danielle made her debut on NXT in a winning effort against Paige. Prior to her debut match she worked as a ring announcer for the show. This would ignite a sporadic feud with Paige that would last until May of that year. Danielle also made her WWE debut in April as Fandango’s dance partner. She would be involved in a number of small angles such as faking an injury during his feud with Chris Jericho. She also accompanies Fandango whenever he comes out to the ring and during backstage segments. She would work both WWE and NXT events simultaneously. In June 2013, she competed in the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament to crown the inaugural champion. She defeated Sasha Banks in the first round but lost to Emma in the semi-finals. She had another unsuccessful shot at the championship against the inaugural champion Paige on the August 14 episode of NXT. Summer made her debut match in WWE at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. She teamed up with Fandango against Tyson Kidd and Natalya and lost. She also made an alliance with Sasha Banks on NXT. They would become known as the BFFs Beautiful Fierce Females. Summer starred on the second season of the E! Networks' reality show Total Divas. Her relationship with Fandango dissolved in April 2014, and she was replaced by Layla. Charlotte would eventually join the BFFs and turn the duo into a trio. After a few weeks of tension, The BFFs would break up in July of 2014. Both her and Layla would turn against Fandango later that month. She would form a tag team with Layla shortly after. Summer departed from the Total Divas show midway through season three. In June of 2015, Summer would start an alliance with Rusev and start a feud with Lana. In October of 2015, she would start an alliance with the debuting Tyler Breeze. The relationship would be short-lived, as the couple would break up about two months later. Summer was drafted in July of 2016 to RAW for the WWE Draft. Summer departed from the WWE in October of 2017. She made her debut on the independent circuit in May of 2018 for BCW, unsuccessfully challenging for their Women's Title in a tournament.        

Danielle played for the Lingerie Football League before being signed by the WWE. She was the team captain and played cornerback for the Chicago Bliss from 2008 to 2011.

Birth name: Elizabeth Carolan
Born: November 1980
Debut: 2001 (Retired 2012 as wrestler)
Ring name(s): Beth Phoenix, Phoenix, and Firebird
Finishing move(s)
: The Glam Slam
Nickname(s): "The Glamazon"
Currently wrestles for: Independent Scene
Bio: Beth started wrestling in 2001 being trained by Joey Knight and Robin Knightwing. Her debut match was against Alexis Laree AKA Mickie James. She then competed with many independent wrestling promotions such as Shimmer Women Athletes and Apocalypse Wrestling. Beth managed to capture two titles while on the independent scene before being invited to a WWE tryout in 2004. Having been accepted by them, she was therefore relocated to one of WWE's past training centers: Ohio Valley Wrestling. Whilst there, she was the manager of such wrestlers as Chris Masters and Idol Stevens, and she also became the OVW Women's Champion twice. Beth was then called up to debut on WWE Raw in May 2006. On her debut, she became an ally of Trish Stratus, and together they teamed up against their mutual enemy Mickie James. However, only about a month later, she suffered a fractured mandible at the hands of Victoria during a match. Despite the injury, Beth was victorious. She was then taken off of WWE programming due to the injury. She returned to WWE Raw in July 2007. While there, she began a new persona proclaiming herself as the Glamazon. She used this nickname to describe herself as, "the perfect combination of beauty and strength." The name was literally a mix between the words goddess and Amazon. To help sell her new persona, Beth often showed off her superior strength by performing especially powerful moves inside the ring. While under this new-found persona, she captured the WWE's Women's Championship twice; once in 2007 and again in 2008. It was during her last title reign that she began a romantic angle with Santino Marella soon dubbing themselves as Glamarella. They would continue to be an on-screen couple until early 2009 at which time Santino became a drag queen. Beth didn't like this new persona, so she split ways with him and moved on as a solo competitor. In October 2009, she was traded to WWE Smackdown.  On April 25, 2010, Phoenix won the WWE Women's Championship from Michelle McCool at the Extreme Rules PPV. On May 14, 2010, she lost the title to Layla on Smackdown. It was also reported a day or so after that Phoenix suffered a torn ACL. She finally made her return on November 21, 2010, at the Survivor Series PPV. In her return, Phoenix attacked Michelle McCool and Layla after they lost a handicap match against Natalya. In April 2011, Beth was drafted back to Raw. In August 2011, she allied herself with Natalya, and they would dub themselves as the Divas of Doom. On October 2nd, 2011, at the Hell in a Cell PPV, Beth captured the Diva's Championship by defeating Kelly Kelly. In February 2012, the Divas of Doom split up and Beth and Nattie moved on to singles competition. On the April 23, 2012, edition of WWE Raw Beth lost Diva's Championship to Nikki Bella. During the match it appeared as if Beth suffered an injury. However, this is debate amongst fans on whether this injury was worked or legitimate. After recovering, she moved on to a feud with Layla. On October 29, 2012, it was announced that Beth would leave the WWE after a six year tenure with the company. She was later inducted into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame. She made a one night return in the first ever 2018 Women's Royal Rumble match. She is also used on occasion as a color commentator during special WWE events.     

Beth was raised in Elmira, New York. When she was eleven, she won tickets to a WWE show by winning a contest crediting this event as to how she fell in love with pro wrestling. Her favorite wrestlers are Owen Hart and Ted DiBiase. She also has a background in amateur wrestling holding two titles while in the field. Beth claims that she doesn't watch much TV other than wrestling. She has a wide musical taste, and her favorite movie is the horror/comedy The Evil Dead.


Birth name: Jamie Szantyr
Born: June 1981
Debut: 2001 (Retired 2017 as wrestler)
Ring name(s): Velvet Sky, Talia Madison, Talia Doll, and Miss Talia
Finishing move(s): In Yo Face and #1 Stunner
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for: None
Bio: Jamie cites her dad as the reason to why she has liked wrestling ever since she was a child. She claims that he constantly forced her to watch wrestling on TV with him while growing up in her hometown of Waterbury Connecticut. She was trained by Jason Knight's House of Pain Pro Wrestling Dojo wrestling on the independent circuit for many years capturing eight championships in the process. Most notably, she formed a tag team with April Hunter called T&A. The name was made up to make fun of the WWE Divas. Jamie made a few appearances with the WWE both wrestling and competing in the WWE Diva Search. However, her matches wouldn't get noticed by the company and she didn't make the final cut in the competition. Her big break would come in 2007 when she got signed by TNA Wrestling. Her ring name became Velvet Sky. She is also widely recognized as an original member of The Beautiful People. This tag team of herself and Angelina Love started in 2007. According to both, their main goal was to, "cleanse TNA- one ugly person at a time." The team would become extremely popular. In fact, they were responsible for TNA's highest ratings on many occasions. Over time, the team experienced many changes. In 2008, Angelina left TNA because of issues beyond her control. However, The Beautiful People would gain two new members in Madison Rayne and Lacey Von Erich. It was announced recently however, that Angelina Love signed back on with TNA. If she did indeed join the group again it would become a four woman team. In January 2010, Angelina Love returned and attacked her former Beautiful People partners. Love seemed to be angry at Sky and Rayne for replacing her in the group with Von Erich. On the March 8, 2010, edition of TNA Impact, Sky won the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship alongside Madison Rayne. It was announced that the belts would be defended under the Freebird Rule. In other words, any two of the three Beautiful People members can defend their tag titles. In June 2010, Love took out Sky and Von Erich. Love's last target is the current TNA Women's Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. On the August 5, 2010, edition of TNA Impact, Sky and Von Erich lost their titles to Hamada and Taylor Wilde. The Beautiful People faction seemingly ended after Sky and Von Erich lost their titles. However, Love and Sky briefly reunited as The Beautiful People for a few months. Love turned on Sky not long after Winter took control of her in early 2011. The feud between Love, Winter, and Sky lasted for until the summer 2011. Sky then moved on to a feud with the returning ODB and Jackie. After the feud dissolved, Sky moved on to become the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion at the Bound for Glory pay per view on October 16, 2011. On November 13, 2011, at the Turning Point Pay Per View, Sky lost the title to Gail Kim. On April 15, 2012, at the Lockdown PPV, Sky lost to Kim in a rematch for the title. In July 2012, Sky confirmed a rumored departure from Impact Wrestling. While on the indie circuit Velvet reunited with Angelina Love on a number of occasions. Velvet made her return to Impact Wrestling on the December 6th edition. On the February 21, 2013, edition of Impact Sky captured the Knockout's Championship. On the May 23, 2013, edition of Impact Sky lost the Knockout's Championship to Mickie James. After, Sky became romantically linked to fellow wrestler Chris Sabin on-screen. That relationship dissolved in January 2014. On the March 20, 2014, edition of Impact Wrestling, Velvet officially reunited with Angelina Love to reform The Beautiful People. Madison Rayne opted not to re-join the group and lead to a tag team match two weeks later. On that edition of Impact Wrestling, Angelina and Velvet defeated Madison Rayne and Brittany. Sky left TNA in January of 2015, thus concluding her second run with the company. Velvet made a return later that year to TNA on the live May 8th edition of Impact, attacking former Beautiful People partner, Angelina Love. Velvet defeated Angelina in her return match on June 24, 2015. On the September 3, 2015 edition of Impact, Velvet reformed The Beautiful People with Angelina Love and Madison Rayne. In March of 2016, Angelina Love announced that she was no longer under contract with TNA, thus disbanding The Beautiful People yet again. The following month, Velvet also departed from the company. After working occasional shows on the independent scene, Jamie announced in June of 2017 that she would retire from wrestling with intentions to pursue a college degree.              

In her spare time, Jamie loves to play video games. Her favorites include Time Crisis and Dead to Rights 2. She also enjoys playing recreational softball. The New York Yankees is her favorite baseball team. She states that her dad exposed her to the outdoors a lot. As a result, she loves fishing and camping. She is close friends with Matt and Jeff Hardy.


Birth name: Jeannie Kim
Born: December 13
Debut: 2000
Ring name(s): Viper, Lotus, Tsunami, and Jeannie Kim
Finishing move(s): Awesome Blossom
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for: None
Bio: Jeannie grew up as an avid pro wrestling fan often watching episodes of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) TV show. Around a decade later in the year 2000, she got her first big break in the wrestling industry. She auditioned to be a part of the Women of Wrestling (WOW) TV show and out of over 1100 applicants, she was one of the just over 30 who actually made it. She debuted as Lotus the fun loving and spiritualistic Asian competitor. She teamed up with Jade to form the Asian Invasion. Production of WOW only lasted one season, and her character didn't really get the chance to develop and explore new story arches. Jeannie's next major break through came about a year later, as she was a member of the CRUSH wrestling TV show in 2002. During her time with the organization she played a character known as Tsunami, who was a parody of the characters from the Fast and the Furious film series. Fellow cast members of the series included Traci Brooks, Lizzy Valentine, Rain, ODB, Erica D'Erico, Allison Danger, Alissa Flash, and former WWE Diva Melina. Like WOW the production of CRUSH lasted only for about a year. Jeannie did not wrestle very much if at all on the independent scene, and she was unheard of in the wrestling industry for quite some time. She focused on other outlets in the entertainment industry during her absence from the world of wrestling. After about six years, she resurfaced as a wrestler. In 2009, she officially made her return as Viper. Her character was one third of Jimmy's Angels in Season one of the Wrestlicious TV show. Her character along with Cobra and Anaconda were parodies of the Charlie's Angels trio, with Jimmy Hart assuming the role of Charlie. It is unknown if Jeannie or the rest of her tag team partners will have a role in the second season of Wrestlicious, but she has expressed interest in returning. Jeannie has made a few appearances for Hit the Mat since Wrestlicious. 

Outside of wrestling Jeannie has also enjoyed success as a model, and she was even featured on for an interview. She now works as a mortgage banker. 


Birth name: Jennifer Blake
Born: September 1983
Debut: 2007
Ring name(s): Jennifer Blake, Autumn Frost, and Girl Dynamite
Finishing move(s): The Frak You
Nickname(s): "The Ice Princess"
Currently wrestles for
Bio: Jennifer has been a life-long wrestling fan, and she has been quoted saying, "When some kids grew up with nudie magazines in between their mattresses, I had wrestling magazines. I ran away from home to meet Bret Hart when I was 15." She got involved with wrestling by landing a job as a ring announcer. Shortly after, she became involved with various storylines and started training for wrestling. Jennifer has worked for many wrestling organizations all over the world more notably forming a tag team with fellow wrestler Lufisto. Dubbing themselves the Suicide Blondes, they competed in many hardcore matches However, their alliance is no more. Blake has since moved on to form a new team with Allison Danger known as The Ultimate Punch. Blake spent a considerable amount of time in Mexico in 2009 mainly wrestling for AAA. She has also been featured on the first season of Wrestlicious under the name Autumn Frost. In the second episode, Frost defeated Paige Webb in her debut match. Other organizations Blake has worked for include JAPW, LLW, and Absolute Intense Wrestling. Stories began surfacing online, claiming that Blake had been signed to the WWE. However, Blake herself confirmed that it was indeed just a rumor. In October 2010, she received a tryout match with TNA Wrestling losing to Madison Rayne. As of 2009, Jennifer spends her time wrestling in Mexico, Canada, and America for various organizations. In March 2011, Blake alongside Alan Stone won the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championships. Their reign would come to an end in October 2012. 

Blake is a personal trainer outside of wrestling. She enjoys watching movies and playing video games in her free time, and her favorite video games being Final Fantasy and Fire Pro Wrestling. Watchmen is her favorite graphic novel. America's Next Top Model, 24, and X-Play are among her most favorite TV shows. 


Birth name: Jennifer (Jenny) Quinn
Born: July 1983
: 2008
Ring name(s): Jenny Cash, Jenny Quinn, Penny Cash, and Fifi
Finishing move(s): Axe Kick
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for: None
Bio: Jenny grew up as a pro wrestling fan thanks to her older brother who got her into watching it on TV. Although she had no intention to enter the wrestling industry herself, she was offered a contract by the WWE in 2008. She eagerly accepted and reported down to Florida Championship Wrestling to begin training. Realizing that she had no wrestling experience prior to being signed and was down there with performers who climbed through the indies, she realized that she needed to work extra hard in order to prove herself. She made her FCW TV debut that October. During her time in FCW she worked with the likes of AJ Lee, Alicia Fox, and Taryn Terrell. She lost to Alicia Fox in the first round of the Queen of FCW Tournament. Shortly after, she started a backstage segment called FCW Express News and Gossip under the name, Jenny Cash. Jenny would serve as the host and spread “gossip” about all the other FCW wrestlers and divas. She eventually popularized her signature “cha-ching” catch phrase during these segments. In May 2009, she changed her ring name to Fifi and began managing a new tag team under a French maid gimmick. She would suffer a serious ACL injury later that month and be out of action for the rest of the year. She finally made her return once again as Penny Cash in January 2010. Her return was short-lived as she was let go by the company only a month later. She considers making a return to wrestling under the right circumstances but has not worked for other federations since leaving the WWE.

Prior to being signed, Jenny worked at a law firm. After being let go, she returned to her previous job. She now runs her own business solution company out of Florida called Identify Simplify Complete.      

Birth name: Jessica McKay
Born: June 1989
: 2007
Ring name(s): Jessie/Jesse (McKay) and Billie Kay 
Finishing move(s): The Boyfriend Stealer and Shades of Kay
Nickname(s): “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” and "The Femme Fatale"
Currently wrestles for: WWE
Bio: Jessie has loved professional wrestling ever since she was about 20 years old. She credits her brother as to the reason why she got hooked in the first place. Jessie started her career in pro wrestling in July 2007. She's worked for numerous independent wrestling organizations such as Shimmer Women Athletes  and has been titled the PWWA Champion. She loves to wear sparkly outfits with lots of accessories while showing off a technical and speedy wrestling style. On April 10, 2010, McKay lost to Nicole Matthews in the Shimmer Volume 30 taping. The following day, McKay participated in two matches. In the first match, she won against Sassy Stephie. In the second match, she lost against Tomoka Nakagawa. These two matches were for the Shimmer Volume 31 and 32 tapings respectively. She also continually wrestles in Australia as a member of the PWWA roster. In 2013 it was announced that Jessie would be wrestling for Shine out in Florida. Jessie made her return to Shimmer in April 2013. In April of 2015, it was announced that Jessie had signed a deal with the WWE. On the May 10, 2015 episode of NXT, Jessie made her debut in a losing effort to Becky Lynch. In August of 2015, it was announced that the WWE changed Jessie's ring name to Billie Kay. She made her main roster debut on the June 30, 2016 episode of WWE Smackdown, where she unsuccessfully challenged Dana Brooke. In October of that year, she aligned herself with Peyton Royce on NXT. The two would become known as "The Iconic Duo." The Iconic Duo debuted on WWE Smackdown in April of 2018, where they began a feud with Charlotte Flair and Auska. 

Outside of wrestling Jessie enjoys traveling, rainy weather, and dancing. She currently resides in Sydney Australia. Birth name: (Withheld by Request)

Born: October 1994
: 2010
Ring name(s): Jezabeth
Finishing move(s): Jezadeath
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for: UK Independent Scene
Bio: Jezabeth grew up as a longtime fan of the WWE. In 2009, she began training under Jon Richie who had a big hand in training WWE star Wade Barrett. Her character is known for her signature loud and shrill scream, accompanied by her bratty but ruthless attitude. She describes her wrestling style as aggressive and predatory like a lion taking down its pray. Her character is also very prevalent in social media especially YouTube. She has had notable feuds with the likes of Rhia O'Reilly, and she has worked for multiple wrestling promotions in the UK. She was named Dropkixx Female of the Year in 2011, and she has held the Dropkixx Freestyle Women's Championship.  She began training under the Wrestleforce Academy in 2012. In August 2013, Jezabeth made her United States debut in a losing effort against Mariah Moreno. She became the TAW Women's Champion on May 31, 2014. 

Jezabeth spends the rest of her time as a college student, and she is perusing a degree in Media Studies. Although she started her wrestling career at a young age, her parents have always been supportive of the endeavor. She cites the famous Knight Dynasty family (especially Britani (Paige) and Saraya) as a big source of inspiration in her career.        

Birth name: Julia Hamer
Born: October 1971
: 1990
Ring name(s): Sweet Saraya and Saraya Knight
Finishing move(s): Knightmare
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for: Shimmer Women Athletes, World Association of Wrestling, and Shine Wrestling 
Bio: Saraya met her husband Ricky Knight prior to becoming a wrestler herself. She decided to travel on the road with him as a costume designer and ring crew member. It wasn't long before she became more involved with the wrestling shows themselves. She made her debut as a manager for Ricky. Shortly after, Ricky agreed to train her so that she could become a wrestler. Saraya learned fast and it wasn't long before she left her mark on the British wrestling scene. She competed for a countless number of companies all over Europe, and she soon established herself as a British wrestling legend. Her family which consist of herself, her husband, and her three children, would become known as The Knight Dynasty. The Knight Dynasty is the largest professional wrestling family in all of Europe. Each member has enjoyed success. Saraya has captured numerous titles including the Queen of Chaos World Championship. She and her daughter Britani would make their presence known in the US for the first time in 2011. They both made their debut in the Illinois based Shimmer Women Athletes, and she would eventually work a feud against one another. The feud ended when Britani got signed by the WWE later that year. Saraya also co-runs her own promotion in England that doubles as a wrestling school. It is known as World Association of Wrestling. On March 18, 2012, Saraya captured the Shimmer Championship from Cheerleader Melissa at the volume 48 taping. In July 2012, it was announced that Saraya had signed on with Shine Wrestling. Saraya lost the Shimmer Championship to Cheerleader Melissa at the Volume 53 taping on April 6, 2013.     

Wrestling takes up much of Saraya's time. However, she enjoys cooking, reading, and listening to rock music when she has time off. 

Birth name: Jwaundace Candece Blecher 
Born: January 1978
: 2000
Ring name(s):Delta Lotta Pain and Cobra
Finishing move(s): Hard Time and Capital Punishment
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for: WOW Women of Wrestling
Bio: Jwaundace got her start in the wrestling industry by successfully auditioning for the Women of Wrestling (WOW) TV show. Out of more than 11,000 applicants, she was one of the less than 40 chosen to make it to the show. On the show, she portrayed a high profile criminal on work release known as Delta Lotta Pain. She was paired up with Loca and Vendetta who were also criminals in the storyline. Together the three would be known as Caged Heat. The three became one of WOW's most celebrated tag teams. She and Loca would also become the first ever WOW World Tag Team Champions. Their reign lasted until the shows cancellation. Jwaundace would not make any more high profile appearances in the world of wrestling for quite some time. She made her return to wrestling in 2009 as a member of the Wrestlicious cast during season one. During that season she portrayed a character named Cobra and was one third of Jimmy's Angles. The team consisted on her former Caged Heat partner Loca and fellow WOW competitor Jeannie Kim. It is unknown whether or not Jwaundace will reprise her role in season two of the show. In November 2012, it was announced that Jwaundace will reprise her role for the WOW Women of Wrestling re-launch. On January 19th, 2013, Jwaundace as Delta Lotta Pain teamed up once again with Loca to defeat the Bully Busters. However, they lost their Tag Team Championships later that night to Amber O'Neil and Santana Garrett at WOW's re-launch event. She and Loca returned to the WOW promotion in September of 2016, where they successfully challenged the All American Girls and recaptured the titles. 

Jwaundace is a high profile stunts actress for Hollywood Stars. She got her start in this field by doing stunts for Queen Latifah in the film Bringing Down the House. She would continue to do stunts for the actress in multiple films. She was also a stunts double for Jennifer Hudson in the film Dream Girls. She has also done stunts for a number of other high profile films such as Precious, Scary Movie 3, and The Help for actresses like Oprah, Viola Davis, and Whoopi Goldberg.  

Birth name: Katarina Waters
Born: November 1980
: 2000
Ring name(s): Katie Lea (Burchill), Nikita, Kat Larue, Winter, Kat Waters, The Temptress, and Katarina Leigh 
Finishing move(s): Kat Nip and Kat Nap
Nickname(s): "The Queen of Chaos" and "Kiss Me Deadly"
Currently wrestles for: Impact Wrestling and Independent Scene                     Bio: Kat's career in pro wrestling began in London. She saw an advertisement for a wrestling show on TV, and she figured that there must be at least one training school nearby. She did some research on the internet and she found one. Kat started training at the school not long after and continued to wrestle in the UK until 2006. She then relocated to the United States to go to the WWE, as she was offered a contract by one of their talent scouts. She began to train more under the wings of WWE's training school Ohio Valley Wrestling. While there Kat became a two-time champion for their Women's division. She was called up to be a part of the main WWE Raw roster in February 2008. On her debut, she became the valet of her on-screen brother, Paul Burchill. She would continue to do this while also stepping into the ring herself, until they both moved to WWE's ECW program in December 2008. While on ECW, Kat still maintained her association with Paul Burchill, but transformed her image. She began to look much more dark and gothic wearing dark face paint around her eyes. She also began to wear darker clothing to go along with the face paint. She and Paul Burchill left ECW per a match stipulation. However, not long after, she returned to ECW with Paul as different wrestlers to fulfill a loophole in the stipulation. Since they technically could be on the show under different identities, ECW General Manager Tiffany granted them an opportunity to receive new contracts. They lost this opportunity however, because Paul lost to The Hurricane. Kat has won four championships over her career, but she has yet to capture one in the WWE. In January 2010, Kat made her re-debut on Raw. It was also announced that her brother Paul got picked up by the brand as well. However, WWE parted ways with Paul in late February leaving Kat on her own. On April 22, 2010, Kat was let go from the WWE. Kat received a tryout match for TNA wrestling in late August 2010. She would wrestle under the name Kat Larue in a losing effort to Madison Rayne. In October 2010, Lea made her TNA debut in a backstage segment under the name Winter. On the December 23, 2010, edition of TNA Impact, Lea and Angelina Love teamed up to capture the vacant TNA Knockout Tag Team Championship. Lea was a replacement for Love's original partner Velvet Sky, as Sky was injured on-screen. On March 13, 2011, Winter and Love lost their championship belts to Sarita and Rosita at the Victory Road pay per view. In the beginning of 2011, Winter took control of Angelina through supernatural means. On August 4, 2011, Winter became the new Wild Wrestling Champion. On August 7, 2011, Winter captured the Impact Wrestling  Knockout's Championship from Mickie James. On the September 1st edition of Impact Wrestling, Winter lost the title in a rematch against James. Winter regained the title from James at the No Surrender PPV on September 11, 2011. On October 16, 2011, Winter lost the title to Velvet Sky in a four way match at the Bound for Glory pay per view. Winter capture the Family Wrestling Entertainment Women's Championship in March defeating Maria Kanellis and fellow challenger Rosita in a three way match. After months of speculation it was confirmed that the relationship between Angelina Love and Winter dissolved. In August 2012, Katie parted ways with Impact Wrestling. Since then, she has made a number of appearances on the independent circuit especially for Family Wrestling Entertainment. In June of 2017, she made her debut for the WOW Women of Wrestling series as The Temptress. She also returned to Impact Wrestling in April 2018 to defeat Scarlett Bordeaux for a taping of the program. She was reintroduced in Impact Wrestling officially the next month under her legitimate name; she aligned herself as the girlfriend of Grado.   

Kat was born and raised in Germany, and she is also fluent in German. Outside of wrestling, she is an independent films actress. In her free time, she enjoys watching  Smallville and Judge Judy. Her favorite movies include Batman Returns, Sin City, Lucky Number Slevin, Natural Born Killers, and 21 Grams. Her musical taste is wide, although she prefers dark music such as the work from artist Marylin Manson.

Birth name: Kimberly Hankinson
Born: June 1974
Debut: 1999
Ring name(s): Amber O'Neal, Amber Gallows, Charlotte, Beverly Hills Babe, Amber Holly
Finishing move(s): Amber Alert and A-Factor
Nickname(s): "The Southern Belle," "Bullet Babe," and "Beverly Hills Babe"
Currently wrestles for: Global Force Wrestling
Bio: Amber was a big fan of wrestling while growing up. She cites former WWE Diva Sable as one of her most favorite performers. Amber received training from the likes of Leilani Kai. She made her debut in 1999 under the name Amber Holly. She would continue to wrestle in the independent circuit until 2003, when she was sidelined with an injury. Amber returned to wrestling a year later, and changed her ring name to Amber O'Neal. She allied herself with Kristin Astara who was known as Krissy Vaine at the time. The duo dubbed themselves as Team Blondage. They would go on to capture the WEW Tag Team Championships. They would continue to team up together until Kristin signed a contract with the WWE in 2005. Amber quickly found a replacement in TNA alumna Lollipop. Together they captured the WEW Tag Team Championships twice. Lollipop retried in 2006, and Amber moved into singles competition. Amber wrestled for Shimmer Women Athletes for a number of years competing against the likes of Mercedes Martinez and Jennifer Blake. She has also appeared on WWE Smackdown as a background extra, and she made numerous appearances for TNA Wrestling. In 2009, she was a cast member of the all-female wrestling program Wrestlicious. There she competed under the name Charlotte: The Southern Belle. Amber has won over ten championships in her career. In 2010, Amber launched her own all-female wrestling organization known as Arena Chicks. On January 19th, 2013, Amber teamed up with Santana Garret to defeat Caged Heat and capture the WOW Tag Titles at their re-launch event. Amber made her debut for Shine Wrestling in May of 2013. In 2015, Amber signed a deal with Jeff Jarret's Global Force Wrestling. In December of 2015, Amber capture the NWA Women's Championship from Santana Garrett. In September of 2016, Amber returned to the WOW Wrestling promotion; this time she aligned herself with Lana Star as the "Beverly Hills Babe." She also lost the NWA Women's Championship to Jazz in September of 2016.    

Amber is a fan of motocross and motorcycles. She is also an avid snowboarder and is addicted to reality TV. She enjoys traveling and leading a constantly active lifestyle outside the ring.

Birth name: Kristin Eubanks
Born: January 1981
Debut: 2000
Ring name(s): Kristin Astara, Krissy Sealice, Krissy Vaine, and Special K
Finishing move(s): Once Upon Astara
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for: None
Bio: Kristin started managing wrestlers for various companies in 2000, but she did not start wrestling in the ring until 2003. Her debut was under the ring name Special K, and she remained under that name until 2004, when she changed it to Krissy Vaine. In late 2004, Kristin formed a tag team with Amber O'Neal, dubbing themselves Team Blondage. Together the duo worked for Shimmer Women Athletes and WEW. In 2005, the team captured the WEW Tag Team Championship. They would continue to hold titles and team up until Kristin got signed to the WWE in 2006. Vaine got replaced by former TNA performer Lolipop. While under contract with the WWE, Kristin was assigned to train in Deep South Wrestling. While there she became DSW's first ever female general manager. She started a feud with TNA's Angelina Love, but they soon became allies. Kristin often abused her power as general manager so that she and Love could get the upper hand. The two feuded with Taylor Wilde, Natalya, and Brooke Adams while at DSW. They would continue to do so until DSW shut down in 2007. After that Kristin was moved to Florida Championship Wrestling. She made her debut on WWE Smackdown in September 2007, and she attacked Torrie Wilson from behind. Her time on Smackdown was extremely short lived, and she left two weeks after the event for personal reasons. After her leave, she took a hiatus from wrestling that lasted over a year. When she returned she reunited with her partner Amber O'Neal, and they re-dubbed themselves as Team Blondage 2.0. They returned to Shimmer Women Athletes in a successful re-debut. In March 2010, it was announced that Kristin changed her wrestling name from Krissy Vaine to Kristin Astara. In the beginning of April 2010, it was announced that Kristin became an official member of the Wrestlicious cast. In March 2011, she announced that she would also be a part of Lucha Libre: Masked Warriors. In June 2011, it was announced that Kristin's ring name in Lucha Libre USA would be Krissy Sealice. During the second season, she had a one on one match with Nikki Corleone and lost. After her run with LLUSA, she took a hiatus from wrestling to continue her career in modeling.  

Outside of wrestling, Kristin works as a model for the Home Shopping Network. She enjoys listening to music in her spare time, her favorite band being Owl City. 

Birth name: Kristin Flake
Born: August 5, 1984
Debut: 2007 (Retired 2011 as wrestler)                                                               Ring name(s): Kristin Flake
Finishing move(s): Running Bulldog and Sit-Out Facebuster
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for: Independent Scene
Bio: Kristin started watching wrestling at age twelve, and she has been hooked ever since. She started training for wrestling at a young age. However, she suffered a back injury outside of the ring and had to take a considerable amount of time off. Kristin made her return to the world of wrestling at age 19 as a valet, but she took another hiatus from wrestling to focus on other endeavors. It was not until 2007 that she started training for wrestling full-time. Kristin utilizes a technical wrestling style when competing in the ring, and she loves to perform various chain moves. One of her career highlights was having a parking lot brawl against Amber O'Neal. Kristin may have a role in the season 2 of Wrestlicious. However, nothing is confirmed yet. It was announced in fall 2011, that Kristin had to retire from in-ring competition due to health issues. She still remains active on the independent circuit as a manager. 

Kristin is a physical fitness junkie and has been working out frequently ever since she was a teenager. Traveling is one of her favorite hobbies; she's expressed interest in traveling to Mexico one day to wrestle. She has even stated that she will often travel completely at random just to explore what's around her. Music plays a big part in her life  and her favorite band is Pearl Jam. She's also a huge animal lover, as she spends a lot of her free time with her three dogs. 


Birth name: Lana Kinnear
: 2000
Ring name(s): Lana Star, Beverly Hills, and Malibu Mackenzie
Finishing move(s): Face-Lift and Starstruck
Nickname(s): "The Fabulous"
Currently wrestles for: WOW Women of Wrestling
Bio: Lana was a huge fan of wrestling while growing up especially Bret Hart and the rest of the Hart Foundation. In 2000, she audition for season one of the Women of Wrestling (WOW) television show. She was one of the 40 women to get a contract for the show out of the over 2000 who auditioned. WOW was eventually picked up by UPN, and Lana began training under the likes of Bambi (Selina Majors). She debuted for WOW as Lana Star. Her character was a wannabe Hollywood starlet obsessed with fame and fortune. Over the course of season one she was involved in a number of colorful storylines. In one episode she started a major feud with WOW competitor Poison. In a later episode Poison tainted Lana's shampoo bottle with hair dye and  forced her to go from blonde to acid green. Lana eventually gained an assistant on the show, for she transformed WOW competitor Patti Pep to Patti Pizazz. While in the ring for WOW, Lana was known for her underhanded tactics. There were many instances where she smashed a mirror over her opponent's head in order to win the match. WOW only lasted one season, but Lana returned to the ring in 2003. It was at that time that she was cast as Beverly Hills for the CRUSH Wrestling TV pilot. Although she did wrestle in the taped pilot the show never got picked up. Lana appeared in a limbo segment for an episode of WWE RAW in 2004. The segment featured the likes of Chris Jericho, Christy Hemme, and Candice Michelle. Lana also starred in a wrestling themed commercial for Tag Body Spray which gained international exposure. In 2009, Lana returned to the ring again for season one of the digital television show Wrestlicious. She was cast as the character Malibu Mackenzie a fun loving California beach girl. Being trained for her return to the ring by Ric Drasin, Lana appeared in a number of segments for the show. She competed for the show in a tag team match with her partner Maui against Viper and Anaconda (two thirds of Jimmyz Angelz). Lana lost the match and it never aired during the first season. It is instead being released as bonus content for the season one DVD of the show. In June 2012, it was revealed that WOW was being revived by its founders David McLane and (LA Lakers EVP) Jeanie Buss. Lana has expressed extreme interest in reprising her role for the re-launch if given the opportunity. In November 2012, it was announced that Lana would reprise her role as Lana Star for the 2013 WOW Women of Wrestling revival. On January 19, 2013, at the WOW re-launch event Lana defeated Sunshine and Spike in two separate matches. She also introduced her new personal assistant Kitty. At the WOW March 9th event later that year she lost her title to Jungle Grrl. This ended Lana's reign of over 4000 days. She returned to the WOW Wrestling promotion in September of 2016, where she managed Amber O'Neal, who would eventually be transformed into the Beverly Hills Babe by Lana.       

Outside of wrestling, Lana is a professional actress. She has appeared in such hit films as Iron Man and Pay it Forward. She has also appeared in a large number of music videos especially for Kid Rock. She has also starred in a national commercial for Tag Body Spray. She is also an ambassador for Playboy. 


Birth name: Withheld by request
Born: May 1983
Debut: 2007
Ring name(s): Leva Bates, Blue Pants, and Emo Leigh 
Finishing move(s): Dinner to Go, Critical Confirmation, and Superhero Kick
Nickname(s): "The Queen of Cosplay"
Currently wrestles for: Shimmer Women Athletes, Shine Wrestling, and WWE (NXT)
Bio: Leva grew up as a big pro wrestling fan, but she was unaware that there were wrestling schools due to the fact that she attended college in a small area. She moved to Florida after finishing college in order to peruse wrestling and acting. It was there that she discovered FXE lead by Matt Bentley and D-Von Dudley. After the facility closed down, she moved on with D-Von to further her training at the Team 3D Academy which was also co-lead by Bubba Ray Dudley. It wasn't long before Leva became known by wrestling fans nationwide. She has worked for such companies as Coastal Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Fusion, National Wrestling Alliance Midwest, and Division One Pro Wrestling. She has captured multiple championships for companies all over the United States.  However, her first big break came when she made her appeared on an episode of TNA Impact Wrestling as a competitor in the Awesome Kong $25,000 Challenge. She has since made one other appearance for TNA in a tryout dark match which received positive reviews on her end. She also made appearances for Jimmy Hart's televised wrestling program Wrestlicious. She made her non-wrestling debut in season one under the name Emo Leigh. She is expected to reprise her role in season two of the program. She is perhaps best known for her work within Shimmer Women Athletes. She made her debut for the company during the taping of Volume 27. While working for the company she has competed against the likes of Malia Hosaka, Sara Del Ray, Britani Knight, Saraya Knight, and Nikki Roxx. In Volume 37 she formed an alliance with Allison Danger. The duo would soon become known as Regeneration X. In the summer 2012, Leva became a member of the Shine Wrestling roster. At their first event she lost to Mercedes Martinez, but she gained a victory at their next one by defeating Portia Perez. On the September 27, 2012, edition of Impact Wrestling, Leva made an appearance in a backstage segment. In April 2013, Regeneration X officially disbanded as Allison Danger announced her retirement from wrestling. Leva became one half of the Shine Wrestling Tag Team Champions alongside Mia Yim on February 28, 2014. They have since become known as The Lucha Sisters. They lost their titles to Brandi Wine and Malia Hosaka at Shine 20 on June, 27, 2014. Leva appeared on an episode of WWE NXT on October 16, 2014, losing to the debuting Carmella. Leva continued to appear on NXT throughout the weeks and actually upset Carmella during their third in-ring encounter. She would become known as Blue Pants in NXT. On August 22, 2015, Blue Pants allied herself with The Vaudevillians. She would return to NXT in December of 2015, losing to Nia Jax.      

Leva holds a degree in theater and has acted in a wide variety of theatrical  productions. She is also an experienced stunts woman and has done stunts for the likes of Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. Leva is a huge comic book and movie fan and will often dress up as her favorite comic book and movie heroes for her wrestling matches. 


Birth name: Maryse Ouellet
Born: January 1983
: 2006 
Ring name(s): Maryse
Finishing move(s): The French Kiss and The French TKO
Nickname(s): "The Sexiest of the Sexy"
Currently wrestles for: WWE
Bio: Maryse broke into the wrestling business by entering in the 2006 WWE Diva Search. She finished 7th in the competition but accepted a contract offered by the company a month later. She made frequent cameos on WWE's Friday Night Smackdown television program while training to wrestle. However, she did not her have televised debut match until May 2008. It did not take Maryse long to rise to the top though, as she won the WWE Diva's Championship by defeating Michelle McCool that December. Along with the championship, she was drafted to WWE's Monday Night Raw program. She continued to reign as the champion until she lost it on July 26, 2009, to Mickie James. Maryse is the longest reigning Diva's Champion in WWE history. Back in December 2008, she dislocated her knee cap but did not need surgery. However, this would continue to be a nagging injury despite treatment. Maryse finally required surgery in August of that year. She did not return to WWE Raw until November 23, 2009, targeting the then Women's Champion Melina and attacking her from behind. In her return match, she defeated Melina in a tag team bout. On February 22, 2010, Maryse won the vacated Diva's Championship by defeating Gail Kim on Raw. This would be her second time winning this belt making her the first WWE Diva to hold this belt twice. On April 12, 2010, she lost the Diva's Championship to Eve Torres on Raw. In June 2010, she became the personal assistant of Ted DiBiase. However in January 2011, Maryse's relationship with DiBiase became strained when DiBiase began to suffer from a losing streak. The relationship between the two officially ended when Ted was drafted to Smackdown in April of that year. On October 28, 2011, it was announced that Maryse was released from her WWE contract. Since her departure from the company, she has stated that she does not intend to wrestle for any other company but would return to the WWE if the circumstances were exactly right. She has done commentary for Family Wrestling Entertainment since her departure. She made a surprise return appearance on the April 4th 2016 edition of RAW. She appeared out of the crowd and helped her real-life husband, The Miz, capture the WWE Intercontinental Championship from Zack Ryder. After this it was reported that Maryse had re-signed with the WWE. She confirmed this via her Instagram once the reports started circulating online. Soon after, she regularly started managing her husband, The Miz. In July of 2016, both Miz and Maryse were drafted to Smackdown in the 2016 WWE Draft. She was then drafted with her husband to Raw in spring of 2017. In the summer of 2017, Maryse went on maternity leave and is expecting a baby boy. She and her husband welcomed a daughter in March of 2018. She returned to in-ring competition yet again at the Hell in a Cell pay per view in August of 2018, where she and The Miz defeated Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella in a tag team match.      

Outside of wrestling, Maryse has begun developing makeup products. In her free time she enjoys watching comedy movies, shopping, and going on road trips. She only began speaking English about three and a half years ago, but she is now fluent. She compares her WWE lifestyle to that of a rock star's. Her goals outside of wrestling is to speak fluently in Spanish and Italian.


Birth name: Melody Medeiros
Born: January 1983
Debut: 2005
Ring name(s): Melody, Fuji Cakes, and Jezebel
Finishing move(s): Gold Rush, Sweet Dreams, and Superior Kick
Nickname(s): "The Solid Gold Diva"
Currently wrestles for: Independent Scene
Bio: Melody broke into the wrestling business by first competing in Memphis Wrestling in 2005. Whilst there, she lost in her debut match against Mickie James. She then transferred to Ohio Valley Wrestling that same year under the name Fuji Cakes. She and Serena Deeb lost to Beth Phoenix and Shelly Martinez in Melody's OVW debut match. However, it was not until July 2006, that Melody first appeared on the OVW TV show. In her televised debut, she lost to Serena Deeb. Soon after that she became a member of a wrestling faction known as Gothic Mayhem. In this group she was joined by Roni Jonah, Pat Buck and Johnny Punch. Melody would act as the drummer of this heavy rock wrestling group. The group physically resembled 80's hair bands like Twisted Sister and Extreme. While in this group Melody would remain close allies to her fellow members, and she would act as the valet of Buck and Punch. She also competed in the Miss OVW Contest at this time, but she didn't end up placing in the competition. Gothic Mayhem started to disband in mid-2007. It was around this time that Punch began to have a major losing streak. Melody decided to transform her image at this time. She dyed her hair platinum blonde and began to wear all gold attires. With this physical transformation came a new nickname. Melody would be referred to as The Solid Gold Diva from that point on. She would remain allies with Punch until December 2007, when Punch turned on Melody and challenged her to a match out of desperation. Melody accepted and was victorious. Therefore, she handed Punch his ninety ninth consecutive loss. Melody would continue on without Punch by her side while competing in the OVW Women's division. In November 2008, Melody won a four-way match to capture her first Women's Championship. She would continue to defend the title left and right always coming out on top. To this day she is still the longest reigning OVW Women's Champion in history. Her single title reign lasted 273 days. She lost the title to Epiphany on August 12, 2009. That match would also be her final match with OVW. After leaving OVW Melody took a hiatus from wrestling. Melody returned to the independent circuit most prominently in June 2010.  She returned by competing in a battle royal for a show hosted by the National Wrestling Alliance. She returned to wrestling once again in 2011 under the name Jezebel by competing in a 10 person tag team match that took place in California.     

Melody graduated with a degree in graphic design from The Art Institute of Seattle in 2003. She enjoys all forms of art from sketching to photography. She also enjoys listening to a wide range of music. Her favorite guitar player is Buckethead, and her favorite artist is Tori Amos. Her most favorite bands include Guns 'n' Roses and Sublime. Her favorite films include The Nightmare Before Christmas, 300, The Evil Dead 2, and Fight Club.


Birth name: Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado
Born: January 1992
Debut: 2010
Ring name(s): Sasha Banks, Mercedes KV, and Miss Mecedes 
Finishing move(s): Bankrupt and Bank Statement
Nickname(s): "The Boss"
Currently wrestles for: WWE
Bio: Trained by Brian Fury, Brian Milonas, and Handsome Johnny of Chaotic Wrestling in Massachusetts, Mercedes made her pro wrestling debut in 2010. Throughout her early career she wrestled in the East Coast mainly for Chaotic Wrestling and New England Championship Wrestling. During her run on the independent scene she captured RWC No Limitz Championship. She was also known for her long running feuds with Mistress Belmont and Kasey Ray. In December 2011, she captured the Chaotic Wrestling Women's Championship in an I Quit match. Her reign lasted 260 days before it was vacated due to Mercedes signing with the WWE. In August 2012, Mercedes was officially signed to a WWE contract after impressing agents during a tryout. Her ring name was changed to Sasha Banks shortly after her signing. She made her debut for WWE's NXT brand in December of that year losing to Paige. Her first televised win came a month later as she defeated Alicia Fox. She would then go on a general losing streak which frustrated her on-screen character. After weeks of influence and molding from fellow NXT Diva Summer Rae, Sasha would transformer her character. In September 2013, she would become known as the Boss of NXT. She and Summer would then form a tag team known as the BFFs Beautiful Fierce Females. They would continually get on the bad side of all the other NXT Divas most notably Paige, Emma, and Bayley. This transformation also lead to a turnaround in her win/lose record, as she has won a lot more matches since the character change. Charlotte would eventually join the fray and make the team into a trio. After a few weeks of tension, The BFFs would break up in July of 2014. In October of that year, Sasha started a new alliance with Becky Lynch. The duo would dub themselves as Team B.A.E. (Best at Everything). Sasha made her main roster televised debut for WWE Main Event on December 30, 2014. She took on Charlotte in a losing effort for the episode. On February 11, 2014, at NXT Takeover, Sasha captured the NXT Women's Championship. Sasha made her WWE Raw debut on Monday July 13th, 2015. During the episode she allied herself with Tamina Snuka and Naomi. The trio would become known as Team B.A.D. (Beautiful and Dangerous). Sasha lost the NXT Women's Championship to Bayley on August 22, 2015, at NXT Takeover in Brooklyn NY. In February of 2016, the rest of Team B.A.D. kicked Sasha out. Sasha would then move on to a feud with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. After Team B.A.D. broke up, she began a feud with Charlotte. In July of 2016, Sasha was drafted to RAW in the WWE Draft. On the July 25th 2016 edition of Monday Night RAW, Sasha captured the Women's Championship from Charlotte for the first time. Sasha lost the championship in a rematch against Charlotte at WWE SummerSlam 2016 on August 21, 2016. She recaptured the championship from Charlotte on the October 3, 2016 episode of RAW, making her a two time RAW Women's Champion. She lost the title to Charlotte yet again at the Hell in the Cell pay per view on October 30, 2016. Sasha once again recaptured the belt on the November 28, 2016 edition of RAW from Charlotte. She once again lost the belt to Charlotte at the Roadblock: End of the Line pay per view on December 18, 2016. She once again captured the belt on August 20, 2017, but lost it eight days later to Alexa Bliss. In June of 2018, a feud was teased between her Bayley. They would, however, eventually form a tag team.     

Mercedes is the legitimate cousin of rap artist Snoop Dogg. She has a passion for all things athletic such as MMA. She has resided in numerous states throughout her lifetime from California to Massachusetts.

Birth name: Michelle McCool
Born: January 1980
Debut: 2004 (Retired 2011 as wrestler) 
Ring name(s): Michelle McCool
Finishing move(s): The Faith-breaker and The MAD-T (Make a Diva Tap)
Nickname(s): "The All-American Diva"
Currently wrestles for: None
Bio: Michelle got her start in the wrestling business through the 2004 WWE Diva Search and placed 7th. However, that November the WWE signed her to a three year contract. She would make her debut on WWE's Friday Night Smackdown almost immediately after. Michelle had her debut match in March 2005. She would continue to appear and compete on Smackdown until she was defeated by Melina in June of that year. After that match she was sent down to Deep South Wrestling in order to train more. Michelle would make her return to Smackdown nearly a year later re-debuting with a sexy teacher gimmick. She would then be the valet of KC James and Idol Stevens while having a feud with Ashley Massaro. The feud would continue until she was hospitalized with an enlarged kidney, a broken sternum, and an electrolyte imbalance in November 2006. She would make a full recovery from her injuries but would not return to Smackdown until March 2007. Not long after, Michelle dropped the sexy teacher gimmick and became the fun loving All-American Diva. On July 20, 2008, she became the first ever WWE Diva's Champion. She would continue her reign as champion until December of that year when she lost it to Maryse. After losing the championship, she was no longer the fun loving All-American Diva. Her personality changed, and she is now much more mean and serious. In June 2009, Michelle captured the WWE Women's Championship by defeating Melina. As a result, she became the first WWE Diva ever to have won both the Diva's and Women's Titles. She lost her title to Mickie James on January 31, 2010. However, she regained the title from James on February 23, 2010. This would make her a two-time WWE Women's Champion. Michelle lost her title to Beth Phoenix on April 25, 2010, at the Extreme Rules PPV. In 2010, she allied herself with Layla. They dubbed their team name as Lay-Cool. They often have Vickie Guerrero by their side and have come up with their own catchphrase, "flawless." They also often finish each others' sentences. At the 2010 Night of Champions PPV, Michelle became the first ever WWE Unified Divas Champion by defeating Melina. On November 21, 2010, she lost the Divas Championship to Natalya at the Survivor Series PPV. The Lay-Cool tag team dissolved in April 2011. On May 1, 2011, Michelle lost in a match against Layla at the Extreme Rules pay per view. Due to the stipulation of the match, Michelle was forced to leave the WWE. She made a one night return to the ring in the first ever 2018 Women's Royal Rumble. She managed to eliminate a number of competitors before being eliminated herself by Natalya. 

Outside of wrestling, Michelle holds a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Florida State University. Before entering the wrestling business, she taught seventh grade science in Palatka Florida for four years. She enjoys continuing her active lifestyle outside of wrestling as playing sports is one of her most favorite activities. She enjoys listening to all types of music except for metal. She admits that she doesn't watch movies that often. However, her favorites include The Longest Yard, Pretty Woman, and Remember the Titans.

Birth name: Milena Roucka
Born: October 1979
Debut: 2006                                                                                            Ring name(s): Rosa Mendes and Roucka
Finishing move(s): Peligrosa
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for
: Independent Scene
Bio: Milena entered the wrestling business by competing in the 2006 WWE Diva Search. She was eliminated in August and placed fourth in the competition. Just a few days after her elimination, WWE signed her to a contract. She then reported to Ohio Valley Wrestling to receive training. She made her in-ring debut in OVW in April 2007, on the losing side of a tag-team match. However, in September of that same year she captured the OVW Women's Championship. While Milena was champion, she feuded with Katie Lea. She would keep her title until February 2008, when she lost it to Lea. Soon after  she was transferred to Florida Championship Wrestling. While there Milena failed to become the first ever Queen of FCW. She became obsessed with the crown so much that she stole it on a number of occasions. Her biggest enemy at this time was the first ever Queen of FCW Angela Fong. In November 2008, Milena made her debut on WWE Raw. She was seen in the crowd and held up a sign claiming to be Beth Phoenix's number one fan. A few weeks later, she was introduced as Rosa Mendes. Phoenix took a shine to Mendes and acted as her mentor. The two would act as tag-team partners. Her relationship with Phoenix would last until 2009, when Mendes started to manage Carlito. Her alliance with Beth was quietly phased out. In October 2009, Mendes was transferred to ECW. Although she did not compete in any matches whilst there, she had an on-screen relationship with Zack Ryder. Mendes was more than just his valet in the storyline, and they would stay together even though ECW ended in February 2010. The duo was then transferred to Raw, but their relationship would finally come to an end in April 2010. It was at this time that Rosa was drafted to Smackdown, leaving Ryder behind on Raw. She made her Smackdown in-ring debut on June 4, 2010, losing to Kelly Kelly. In December 2010, Mendes defeated AJ Lee and became the new Queen of FCW. She lost her crown on February 3, 2011, in a one-on-one match against Aksana during an FCW TV taping. In November 2011, she associated herself with Primo and Epico. In August 2013 her relationship with Primo and Epico dissolved due to the team having a gimmick change. In May 2014, reports confirmed that Mendes would be joining the cast of Total Divas on the E! Network from season three onwards. Since Total Divas started, Rosa has become a valet for Fandango. In April of 2015, Fandango dumped Rosa. She then began to manage Adam Rose. She did not return to the Total Divas series for season 4 as a main cast member, but she did return as a star for season 5. Shortly after, she went on maternity leave. In February of 2017, Rosa announced her retirement from WWE to focus on her personal life. Rosa started training for a return to wrestling in March of 2018, as she plans on working the independent scene. In May of 2018, Rosa successfully debuted for MCW in a tag team match featuring fellow WWE alum, Adam Rose. In the summer of 2018, Rosa announced that she's taking time off from wrestling due to needing a surgery.      

Melina grew up in Vancouver British Columbia. She is of Czech and Costa Rican descent and is fluent in Spanish. She will often speak Spanish on WWE programming. She claims that she was a tomboy growing up, and she even got suspended for fighting. She is trained in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She cites Trish Stratus as her inspiration in pro wrestling.


Birth name: Nancy Becker
Born: January 1982
: 2001
Ring name(s): Annie Social
Finishing move(s): Beatdown and Social Disorder
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for: Independent Scene
Bio:  Receiving training from the likes of Trent Acid, Annie went on to work for numerous wrestling companies both in and outside of the United States.  She is perhaps best known for her work within WSU and WEW. In both companies she found much success as she is a former three times WEW Tag Team Champion. She also managed to capture the WSU Tag Team Championships alongside Roxie Cotton. They became the first ever tag team champions for the company. She has also worked for such companies as PWU, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, and Shimmer Women Athletes. She is known overseas in countries like Spain due to wrestling internationally. During the tour she worked with the likes of Sarah Jones and Lizzy Valentine. She also toured in Europe for Nu Wrestling Evolution. Other countries she has wrestled in include Japan, Canada, and Mexico. In June 2011, Annie returned to WSU as a part of an elimination battle royal. She also made a trip down to Japan that year and competed in a number of matches during her stay. In 2012, she made two notable appearances for WSU. At the events she lost to Tina San Antonio and April Hunter. In February 2014, Annie and Kimber Lee captured the WSU Tag Team Championships from the Midwest Militia.      

Wrestling takes up much of Annie's time, and she claims that she'll wrestle for as long as humanly possible.  

Birth name: Nicki Tebeau
Born: December 1988
Debut: 2006
Ring name(s): Sammi Lane and Tina the Trigger
Finishing move(s): The BEAR
Nickname(s): "The Definition of a Diva"
Currently wrestles for: Independent Scene
Bio: Sammi's love for pro wrestling began when she saw an indie show in elementary school. She started watching the WWE in middle school and was hooked ever since. She finally decided that she needed to follow her dreams, and she started training for wrestling her junior year in high school. Her favorite wrestlers are Trish Stratus, Lita, and Victoria. Sammi's goal in wrestling is to simply entertain her viewers wherever she performs and to inspire people to follow their dreams. She has won at least two championship belts.One of her career highlights was partaking in a match against Daffney. It was announced that Sammi signed a contract with Wrestlicious and will be performing under the ring name Tina the Trigger. It is unknown if she will reprise her role in the second season. She continues to regularly wrestle on the northeast independent scene, as well as be a manager for Mistress Belmont.   

Sammi has been dancing almost all of her life and is versed in many different styles and is now an instructor. She also has a background in music having played the French horn for 8 years. However, she stopped playing it regularly since moving to college. Sammi loves everything art from photography to painting and drawing. In college her major was psychology. In 2013, Sammi completed her Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counciling. 


Team name: The Plastics 
Members: Megan Washington and Riley Nixon
Birth date: May 1985 (Megan) December 1984 (Riley)
Debut: 2006   
Finishing move(s): None
Currently wrestlers for: Independent Scene
Bio: Megan's wrestling career started in 2004 after receiving training from the likes of Roderick Strong and Erick Stevens. However, she had to put her debut on hold due to an emergency heart surgery. In 2006, Megan brought her friend Riley to a wrestling show. She eventually convinced Riley to join forces with her in the wrestling world. They would manage their clients as a team and become known as The Plastics. The pair liked to think of themselves as, "The Barbie dolls that nobody gets to play with." Their training continued at FXE under the tutelage of D-Von Dudley, Matt Bentley, and Ricky Vega.  They have managed such talents as The Heartbreak Express, Morgan Davis, Lance Alonte, Kim Dakota, and more. They have worked for many organizations including BELIEVE, Pro Wrestling Fusion, Coastal Wrestling Association, UCW, IPWF, ICWF, AWA Pro, Lucha Libre International, BCW, and more. Their alliance would last until 2010 when Riley decided to exit the wrestling world for personal reasons. In October of 2010, Megan announced that she would be a cast member of Wrestlicious season two. Megan and Riley returned to wrestling as The Plastics for the first time in nearly four years on June 7, 2014, to manage Justine Silver. Megan returned to wrestling for the first time in nearly three years, managing Aaron Epic at the Pro Wrestling 2.0 event in Orlando, Florida on February 25, 2017.

Megan graduated from the University of Southern Florida with a BA in communications. Music is one of her deepest passions. She worked for an internationally distributed record label for a number of years. She also founded, owns, and runs an entertainment resource website known as Stardust Entertainment. There you can find interviews, concert photos, and news updates of many famous artists and bands. These include Adam Lambert, Escape the Fate, Family Force 5, All Time Low, Forever the Sickest Kids, Anberlin, and many more. Megan graduated with a Master's Degree in 2017 and was also crowned Ms. Woman Florida.   

Riley has been featured on ABC soap operas. She has also been a ring girl for TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV. Riley often assists Megan with interview filming for Stardust Entertainment. She is originally from the New England area and is a big fan of the Boston Red Sox.  

Birth name: Withheld by request
Born: 1988
Debut: 2009
Ring name(s): Rayna Fyre and Rayna Von Tosh/Tash
Finishing move(s): The Va Va Vroom, Velvet Hammer, Ginger Snap, and Corset Clutch
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for
: Independent Scene
: Rayna was the first ever female graduate of the Shimmer Women Athletes pro wrestling school which was lead by fellow competitor Daizee Haze. Since then, she's appeared at many Shimmer events working with such names as Malia Hosaka, Tenille Tayla, and Allison Danger. She describes her wrestling character as a flirtatious pin-up girl inspired by singer Marylin Monroe and cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Outside of her work with Shimmer, Rayna has also appeared on behalf of TNA Wrestling and Ring of Honor and has worked with such legendary names as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Al Snow. In addition to being an in-ring competitor, she also works as a ring announcer and backstage interviewer. Rayna resurfaced in the wrestling world in March of 2015, as she appeared as a rosebud for WWE Superstar, Adam Rose. 

Outside of wrestling, Rayna is part of the American Bombshells. This trio performs musical acts for the troops overseas and helps raise money for injured veterans. She is an avid video-gamer, and loves dark chocolate. However, her passion belongs to any outlet in which she can perform in front of crowds.

Birth name: Rebecca Treston
Born: February 1982
Debut: 2002
Ring name(s): Rebecca (Becky) Bayless, Brooke Lynn, and Cookie
Finishing move(s): Reverse Pedigree
Nickname(s): None
Currently wrestles for
: Independent Scene and Wrestlicious
Bio: Trained by Homicide, Becky debuted in 2002. She mainly acted as a valet at the beginning of her career. She has managed well over two dozen male and female wrestlers. These include Angelina Love, Rhino, Kid Kash, Joey Mercury, Matt Striker, Jimmy Jacobs, Mike Kruel, Bobcat, and Mikey Whipwreck. She debuted in Ring of Honor in 2003 as a part of the Special K faction, and she worked mainly as a valet during her time there. However, she did compete against Alexis Laree and Lacey. In 2004 the Special K faction disbanded. Near the end of that year Becky was involved in a serious car accident. She would take a very long hiatus from wrestling shortly after. She finally returned to the world of wrestling in 2007. During her return she was first seen acting as a backstage interviewer for Ring of Honor. She also had a very long feud with Alicia while wrestling for Wrestling Superstars Unleashed, although it was revealed that the feud between the two was planned to make the other look good in the ring. Becky has competed for many other companies as well. These include Full Impact Pro, Shimmer Women Athletes, Combat Zone Wrestling and IWA-Mid South. She also managed to capture the TWE Texas Ladies Championship once. In 2009, Becky signed on as a member of the Wrestlicious cast. Her Wrestlicious character Brooke Lynn is a parody of Snooki from the reality show, The Jersey Shore. Shortly after her appearance with TNA Wrestling in August 2010, it was announced that Bayless signed a contract with the company. On October 7, 2010, Bayless made her TNA televised debut as Cookie alongside Robbie E. In August 2011, Cookie and Robbie E's relationship dissolved after Cookie cost him a match. Later that month, Bayless announced her departure from the company. In late August it was announced that Bayless signed a contract with Wild Wrestling. She also appeared for WSU in fall 2011, and again in spring 2012. She has returned to Wrestlicious to film a pilot for their season 2 production. Otherwise, she has gone into semi-retirement due to various injuries.       

Music is Becky's second deepest passion next to wrestling, and she used to work at a record label with numerous bands. She plans to head back into the music industry when she retires from wrestling. Her favorite bands include Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Clash. The Rocky movies make up her favorite film series.

Birth name: Roni Jonah
Born: July 16
Debut: 2006
Ring name(s): Roni Jonah
Finishing move(s): Rockstar Slam
Nickname(s): "The Rockstar" and "Movie Star"
Currently wrestles for: Independent Scene
Bio: Roni was convinced to pursue wrestling by her best friend while in college. She decided to attend Ohio Valley Wrestling in order to be trained to wrestle. She made it to the main OVW roster in March 2006, and successfully debuted in a tag-team match. From then on she was the manager of many wrestlers. The most notable superstar she managed was WWE superstar The Miz. When the Miz got called up to the WWE roster, Roni debuted with a new Gothic rock star gimmick. She would make up a stable called Gothic Mayhem. The stable consisted of her and fellow wrestlers Johnny Punch, Pat Buck, and Melody. The team had a similar appeal to the 80's hair band Twisted Sister. Although she did not win any championships in OVW, she was quite popular amongst the crowds. In 2007, Roni made her debut in WEW. She was paired up with fellow female wrestler Bobcat under the team name of Blonde Ambition. Together they would capture the WEW Tag-Team Championships in July of that year. She worked for both OVW and WEW for a period of time until 2008 when she made a permanent switch to WEW. The duo of Blonde Ambition successfully defended their titles at various pay-per-views. In 2010 it was announced that Roni would start wrestling on the independent scene again. This time however, she would wrestle under the name Movie Star Roni Jonah. This new egotistical movie character was inspired by her acting career in real life. Her new manager is 100% Ego Jason Crowe, and he is her real-life friend and fellow actor. Together they have produced many of the independent films they have starred in.

Outside of wrestling Roni is an actress and filmmaker. This is seemingly her top priority because she wrestles less often than she used to. She has been acting since she was young. However, her love for it recently came about when she made it to the finals of an online film casting competition. She came very close to being cast as lead female but did not win the contest. From then on she directed and starred in many independent horror films. Roni is also an avid clothes designer. She has not only created her own wrestling attires by hand, but she has also created attires for fellow wrestlers Shelly Martinez and Kelly Kelly. In her free time she enjoys baking, playing Guitar Hero, and writing.

Birth name: Saraya Bevis
Born: August 17, 1992
Debut: 2005 (Retired 2018 as wrestler)
Ring name(s): Britani Knight, Saraya, and Paige 
Finishing move(s): PTO and Paige Tuner  
Nickname(s): "Hell in Boots," "Anti-Diva," and "The Diva of Tomorrow"
Currently wrestles for: WWE
Bio: Britani's parents and three siblings are wrestlers as well, though she admits that she never wanted to become a wrestler at first. She would always have to see them suffer through their injuries. However, in 2005 her father asked her if she would like to join in on a match because there weren't enough females wrestling. She did have a small amount of wrestling training beforehand, and she accepted the offer. She credits this match as the reason why she wrestles full time now. Britani would grow to become a very successful wrestler despite her young age. She wrestles constantly and states that, "wrestling isn't just a passion, it's my future!" Her career goal is to wrestle for as long as possible, though she's also aiming to join WWE or TNA Wrestling at some point. Britani currently wrestles all over the United Kingdom and Scotland, and she has held at least five titles throughout her career. Most recently, she, and her mother Saraya have been added to the all-female roster of Pro Wrestling Eve. She has already wrestled in the organization against the likes of Jetta and Blue Nikita. In November 2010, Britani received a tryout match with the WWE. Britani made her debut in Shimmer Women Athletes in March 2011, alongside her mother Saraya. In April 2011, Britani became the first ever Pro Wrestling Eve Champion. Later that month Britani received another tryout match with the WWE. In June 2011, Britani lost the Pro Wrestling Eve Championship in a singles match. Shortly after it was announced that she nor her mother Saraya would continue working for the promotion. In September 2011, it was reported by multiple sources that Britani had signed a deal with the WWE earlier that month. In January 2012, Britani made her debut in Florida Championship Wrestling under the ring name Saraya. The following month Britani was given the ring name Paige. She claimed that she would be, "WWE's anti Diva of the decade." In July of that year she made her debut on the new season of WWE NXT, and she lost to Sofia Cortez. She has since engaged in a feud with Summer Rae and gained a huge fan base. In June 2013, Paige announced that she would be known as the Diva of Tomorrow. Later that month Paige became the first ever NXT Women's Champion. On the April 7, 2014, edition of RAW, Paige made her debut in a match against AJ Lee and successfully captured the Diva's Championship in an upset victory. She surrendered her NXT title that same month as per order of the NXT officials. She also lost the Diva's Championship to AJ Lee on the June 30, 2014, edition of Monday Night Raw. Paige recaptured the Diva's Championship from AJ at Summerslam 2014. Paige once again lost the title to AJ Lee at Night of Champions 2014. She was added as a main cast member to the Total Divas reality show on the E! Network during season 3. She and AJ defeated The Bella Twins at Wrestlemania 31 on March 29, 2015. In the summer of 2015, Paige formed a faction with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. The trio would become known as PCB. In late August of 2015, Paige disassociated herself from team PCB. In July of 2016, she was drafted to Raw in the WWE Draft. After more than a year's absence because of injury, Paige returned on the November 20, 2017 edition of Monday Night Raw. During her return, she aligned herself with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville from NXT and attacked most of the female roster. In December of 2017, Paige suffered another serious neck injury at a house show. The injury is said to be severe, and there has been speculation that she has been forced into retirement from in-ring competition as a result. Although this has not been formally announced, she has been since used only as a manager within her Absolution faction while Rose and Deville continue to wrestle. In April of 2018 after Wrestlemania, Paige announced her retirement from in-ring competition. She became the general manager of Smackdown live shortly after, when Daniel Bryan announced his return to in-ring competition.     

When Paige is not wrestling she enjoys listing to music. She cites Paramore and Escape the Fate as two of her most favorite bands. She also enjoys watching TV, and some of her favorite shows are The Sarah Silverman Program, South Park, and Family Guy.


Birth name: Withheld
Born: May 1991
Debut: 2011
Ring name(s): Scarlett Bordeaux and Scarlett
Finishing move(s): Scarlett's Web
Nickname(s): "The Perfect Ten" and "The Smokeshow"
Currently wrestles for: TNA Impact Wrestling                                                     Bio: Scarlett started her wrestling career in 2011 after attending some wrestling shows on the independent scene. She started off as a manager but quickly transitioned into a wrestler after realizing that she liked the physicality and spotlight. She has worked for such high profile companies as Ohio Valley Wrestling, and she has served as a host for Chikara. While in OVW, Scarlett competed against the likes of Taryn Terrell. She has gained a massive following for her work within Ring of Honor as one of the Hoopla Hotties. While in ROH she accompanied Truth Martini and Matt Taven as a valet. She was usually joined by Kasey Ray or Seleziya Sparx. Truth Martini's faction broke up in early 2014, and Scarlett has since transitioned into a role as a ring announcer. She also competes as a singles competitor for the company. Scarlett has worked multiple events for the WWE. She appeared on WWE RAW in June 2014, as a rosebud for Adam Rose. She also worked with Rose in the prior weeks at a couple WWE live events. On May 10, 2014, Bordeaux made her TNA Impact Wrestling debut at their Knockouts Knockdown 2 PPV. She lost to Angelina Love in a singles match at the event. The PPV aired later that November. In June of 2016, Scarlett made her debut for Shimmer Women Athletes. Scarlett made an appearance for WWE Monday Night RAW on December 26, 2016, losing to Nia Jax. In the fall of 2017, Scarlett started wrestling overseas in Japan. Scarlett left ROH in early 2018. She made another appearance for TNA Impact Wrestling in April of 2018, where she lost to Katarina Leigh AKA Winter. In July of 2018, Scarlett officially made her debut for TNA Impact Wrestling as "The Smokeshow." She stated that she is at Impact to make wrestling sexy again.      

Scarlett has a strong background as a theatrical actress and is also a professional singer. She incorporates both backgrounds into her wrestling character and sings at various wrestling events.

Birth name: Seleziya Esho
Born: January 1992
Debut: 2010
Ring name(s): Seleziya Sparx
Finishing move(s): Bedazzler and Queen Suplex 
Nickname(s): "The Sass Queen"
Currently wrestles for: Magnificent Championship Wrestling and Ring of Honor     Bio: Seleziya and her family grew up as long time pro wrestling fans. However, unlike many others in the industry, Seleziya did not have an athletic background prior to becoming a wrestler herself. Trained by the legendary Rob Fuego her body eventually got use to the pain, and she got attuned to the athletic side of wrestling. Having worked with such wrestlers as TNA Impact Wrestling star Angelina Love, it was not long before Seleziya established herself as a top indie competitor in Canada. She quickly formed an alliance with Sebastian Suave, and they vowed to become the most powerful couple in pro wrestling history. When not active in the ring she is seen in his corner as a manager. In October 2011, Seleziya defeated Courtney Rush to become the new Magnificent Championship Wrestling Women's Champion. Seleziya has suffered a number of injuries during her career. She suffered a broken clavicle which required the insertion of a metal plate. In spring 2012, Seleziya suffered a knee injury which required surgery. In July of that year she successfully underwent surgical treatment. In May 2013, Seleziya made her debut for ROH as a valet of the HOT with Truth Martini. On May 19, 2013, Sparx made her official return to the wrestling ring. After her return, she toured and wrestled in Japan for a few months. On the June 2, 2014, edition of WWE Raw, Seleziya appeared in a segment alongside Adam Rose. In June of 2014, Seleziya became the inguinal Conflict Wrestling Women's Champion. However, the title was vacated some months later. After taking the better part of 2016 off, she returned in 2017 for the Superkickd promotion in Canada. She was again sidelined heading in 2018 with a broken foot. She made her return later that summer.      

When not wrestling Seleziya enjoys watching television, apple picking, and spending time with family. 


Birth name: Simone Sara Johnson
Born: May 11, 1986 
Debut: 2002
Ring name(s): Sara Jay
Finishing move(s): Rocket Blaster
Nickname(s): "The Scene Queen of Aussie Wrestling"
Currently wrestles for: Global Wrestling Entertainment
Bio: Sara has been a pro wrestling fan ever since she was little. Training to become a wrestler was quite difficult as she is just five feet tall. However, persistence and dedication paid off as Sara went on to compete all across the world. She has wrestled for numerous organizations in Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Australia and the US. She has held at least four titles and was crowned the first ever WWC Women's Champion in Puerto Rico. What she lacks in size is made up for by her speedy lucha libre style of wrestling. She hopes to continue wrestling for as long as she can and making the fans feel the dedication and emotion she puts into each match. In February 2012, Sara signed a contract with Global Wrestling Entertainment. It was reported that Sara received a WWE tryout in 2014.   

Outside of wrestling Sara is a well documented bodybuilder and gym junkie. She is also a professional glamor model with much of the makeup artistry and scene design being done by Sara herself. She also operates her own fitness clothing company called Bonita Fitness Wear. Sara is a very charitable person, and she spent many of her teenage years donating spare time as a horseback riding instructor for the Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia. 

Birth name: Stephanie Finochio
Born: December 1, 1971
Debut: 2002 (2007 semi-retired as wrestler)
Ring name(s): Trinity, Stephanie Starr, and Starfire
Finishing move(s): Fall from Grace
Nickname(s): "The Full Bodied Italian" and "The Italian Goddess of Wrestling"    Currently wrestles for: None
Bio: Trained by ECW alumni Mikey Whipwreck, Trinity made her wrestling debut in 2002 after spending many years as a Hollywood stunt woman. While working on the independent circuit she faced the likes of Mercedes Martinez, Simply Luscious, and Beth Phoenix. She defeated April Hunter to win the vacant CSWF Women's Championship. She lost the title to Hunter nearly a year later. In January 2003, she made her debut for TNA Impact Wrestling under the name Trinity. She quickly allied herself with Kid Kash and started a feud with Biggest Loser contestant Kim Nielsen AKA Desire. She also became the first female in TNA to compete for one of the company's male championships. In that match she competed against Kid Kash and Amazing Red in a losing effort. She is also recognized as the TNA Babe of the Year 2003. Trinity then Allied herself as a member of the New York Connection (The NYC) which featured Glenn Gilbertti, Vito, and Johnny Swinger. Trinity continued her feud with Desire resulting in the two competing in a stretcher match. This match would  end the feud with Trinity coming out on top and Desire retiring soon after. After The NYC was no more she entered in a feud with Tracy Brooks in 2005. She would depart from TNA the same year and receive a tryout match with the WWE soon after. In 2006, Trinity was officially signed to a WWE contract. She spent her beginnings in the company with Ohio Valley Wrestling before being called up to ECW later that year. In June 2006, Trinity made her debut on ECW as the manager of the Full Blooded Italians (The FBI). She would become known as The Full Bodied Italian alongside Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke. Not even ten days after her debut, Trinity injured her knee at a house show and was sidelined for a few months. In October 2006, Trinity won the first ever ECW Diva Halloween Costume Contest which featured Kelly Kelly and Ariel. She continued to manage the FBI on TV and wrestle during house shows. However, Trinity never wrestled on WWE TV and left the company in June 2007. Trinity then retired from wrestling in order to refocus on her stunts career. She made a one-night return to wrestling in 2008. She also made another one-night return to TNA in 2013 for their Knockouts PPV event. During the event she lost to ODB in a singles contest.

Trinity is an accomplished Hollywood stunt women. Her work spans over a decade in film and television. She has done stunt work for the likes of Spider-Man 2, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Bourne Ultimatum, Burn After Reading, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. She is an avid roller derby competitor for the Strong Island Derby Revolution. She also has a master's degree in education and a bachelor's in psychology from Dowling College.              

Birth name: Tenille Dashwood
: March 1989
: 2005
Ring name(s)
: Valentine, Tenille Tayla, Emma, Emmalina, and Tenille Dashwood
: None
Finishing move(s)
: Emma Lock/Muta Lock and Spotlight
Currently Wrestlers for
: Ring of Honor
: Tenille started training for wrestling as a young teenager. She made her debut as a valet in 2005 under the name Valentine. She worked mainly for PWA, and she occasionally jumped in the ring while balancing her managing duties. However, she had to put her career on hold for quite a while because of school. She then traveled up to Canada where she received training from Lance Storm. She officially made her return to the world of wrestling in 2008. She dropped the name Valentine and would now become known as Tenille Tayla. Tenille primarily spent that year working for PWA Canada. However, in spring 2009, she made her debut for Shimmer and ECCW. While in ECCW she captured the ECCW Supergirls Title twice, once in 2009, and again in 2010. Tenille eventually lost her second Supergirls Title. She also appeared in Shimmer Volumes 23-29 and 32. She filmed the World of Hurt TV series alongside Lance Storm, and the program airs nationally across Canada. In March 2011, it was announced that Tenille had signed a contract with the WWE. In summer 2012, Tenille reported to FCW and was assigned a new name. On the November 28, 2012, she made her debut for NXT losing to Audrey Marie under the name Emma. She has since adopted a dancer gimmick and named her own own dance the Emmalution. She competed in the NXT Women's Championship Tournament in June 2013, to crown the inaugural champion. She made it all the way up to the finals before losing to Paige. On January 13, 2014, Emma made her televised debut on RAW as a plant in the crowd. On February 3, she was involved in a Raw dance segment with Santino Marella, Fandango, and Summer Rae. Later that month, she made her RAW in-ring debut against Summer in a winning effort. In January of 2015, Emma returned to NXT with a new self-centered attitude and aggressive attitude. She also allied herself with Dana Brooke near the summer of that year. After over a year at NXT, Emma would appear on the main roster again in March of 2016. During her return, she allied with Lana against the likes of Paige and the rest of the Total Divas cast. In May of 2016, Emma was sidelined with a serious back injury. In October of 2016, promos for her return began airing, this time under a new name, Emmalina. After months of hype for her debut, Emmalina appeared on the February 13, 2017 edition of Monday Night RAW, only to inform fans that she would be "transforming" back to Emma. She made her return in April of 2017 to RAW. In October of 2017, she left the WWE. In February 2018, she made her return to the independent scene under her legitimate name for the likes of Ring of Honor.  

Tenille enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle outside of the ring. She often takes acting classes in order to help out her wrestling career. She also enjoys cooking and modeling.

Birth name: (Withheld by request)
Born: June 1990
Debut: 2009
Ring name(s)
: Terra Calaway
: "The Terradactyl"
Finishing move(s)
Currently wrestles for
: Independent Scene
Bio: Terra made her professional debut in 2009 after receiving training from Vegas Championship Wrestling. She started out as the manager of Fenix Alexander but eventually became an in-ring competitor. In 2010, she defended the VCW Tag Team Titles under Freebird Rules. After Vegas Championship Wrestling closed in 2010, Terra went on to receive more training from Michael Modest at Future Stars of Wrestling. She has worked for at least seven different wrestling organizations all over the United States. She has had long feuds with male superstars Tony Leo, Jarek Matthews, and Freddy Bravo. In January 2011, it was announced that Terra had signed a contract with WILD wrestling. The WILD roster includes the likes of Allison Danger, Lizzy Valentine, NY Knockout Nikki, and current TNA Knockout Winter. In July 2011, Terra defeated Amanda to become the first ever Lucha Pro Women's Champion. In late September 2011, Terra announced that she would no longer wrestle for Lucha Pro due to personal reasons. In October 2011, Terra announced that her Lucha Pro Women's Championship would be renamed to the WILD North-American Championship. In 2012 it was announced that Terra would be making her debut for WSU later in the year. In May 2012, it was announced that Terra had parted ways with Wild Wrestling on good terms. Therefore, the Wild North-American Championship was vacated. In 2013 Terra suffered serious injuries leaving her out of wrestling indefinitely until further notice. In October 2013, Terra made her official return to the wrestling ring. In November of 2014, Terra announced that she would be putting her wrestling career on hold for the "foreseeable future." She made her return in February of 2015.          

Terra is good friends with Ryan Reeves who is best known as WWE star Ryback. She sees him as a source of inspiration and has often given her spiritual and mental advice. She has also attended training seminars with the likes of Bill DeMott.

Birth name: Thea Trinidad
Born: December 1990
Debut: 2009
Ring name(s)
: Rosita, Thea Trinidad, Divina Fly, and Zelina Vega
Nickname(s): None
Finishing move(s)
: Moonsault and Double Knee Strike
Currently wrestles for
Bio: Thea was trained by the likes of T.J. Perkins, and she made her professional wrestling debut in 2009. In early 2010, she made her debut for Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) under the name Divina Fly. There she competed against the likes of Cindy Rogers, Jana, and Brittney Savage. In January 2011, it was announced that Thea signed a contract with TNA Impact Wrestling. A month later she made her debut on TNA Impact as Rosita. She is the on-screen sister of Sarita. It was not long until she would capture gold while in TNA. On March 13, 2011, she and Sarita captured the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships from Angelina Love and Winter. Sarita and Rosita formed a faction known as Mexican America along with Hernandez and Anarquía. On the July 21, 2011, edition of Impact Wrestling, Rosita and Sarita lost the Knockouts Tag Team Championships to Brooke Tessmacher and Tara. Since losing the title Rosita has wrestled regularly for independent companies. Sarita exited from Impact Wrestling in February 2013, after months of inactivity within the company. On March 4, 2013, Thea took part in a tryout for the WWE. She has since made appearances for Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore. In the summer of 2014, she was used multiple times as a rosebud for Adam Rose's entrance. In July of 2015, Thea made her debut for Ring of Honor, where she managed Austin Aries. She regularly manages Aries in his matches wherever he appears. She made an appearance on an episode of WWE NXT in October of 2016 losing to Asuka. In the summer of 2017, it was announced that Thea had signed a WWE contract. She was given a new ring name of Zelina Vega, and started appearing on NXT shortly after as a love interest of Andrade Cien Almas. She began managing him and ineterfering in his matches. She helped Andrade win the NXT Championship at NXT War Games on November 19, 2017. In April of 2018, vignettes started to air of her and Andrade's arrival to Smackdown.       

Thea is an avid fan of music citing Alicia Keys, Ashanti, Beyonce, and Christina Milian as some of her favorite artists. She is also a big fan of The Hardy Show which stars fellow wrestlers Matt and Jeff Hardy.

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