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Sara Jay Interview

Posted on October 6, 2011 at 12:20 AM

Hey Greg here, thanks for checking out this exclusive interview on the behalf of my website. Joining me today is a pro wrestler who's preformed internationally for a number of years now. She's captured numerous championships from countries all over the world. So, I'd like to welcome my very special guest, Sara Jay!


Q1: Why choose a career in professional wrestling and not something like acting, singing, or dancing?

Sara Jay: I am an only child - I was brought up in New Zealand by very physically active, sports minded parents - who were also fans of wrestling themselves. So from a young age I was already involved in sports, extreme sports and a fan of wrestling myself!! When I discovered that there was a wrestling school near where we lived as a teenager in Australia, I jumped at the opportunity to give it ago!!! My parents were not surprised at all.


Q2: Was there any particular event in your life that made you say to yourself "I want to become a professional wrestler?"

Sara Jay: I was always a fan of wrestling - I knew the second I found out that I could learn to wrestle, that I just had to do it - I had always wanted to live an "out of the ordinary" life - everyone I knew wanted to be a famour singer or an actor - to me as a starry eyed teenager who was also VERY MUCH a tomboy at that stage - that was "too common" - wrestling was different, wrestling was out of the ordinary - wrestling was more "me."

Q3: Was the training process to become a pro wrestler as difficult as you first thought it was going to be?

Sara Jay: No. I was a very quiet, shy but also very excited 15 year old when I first started wrestling training. I was the only girl surrounded by all older men, but they all helped me out immensely and I found training to become a wrestler more exciting than difficult. I was actually knicknamed "smiley" then because I loved wrestling so much and was so happy to be learning to wrestle, I couldnt stop smiling at traniing!!

Q4: Any wrestler, (especailly female because there are many less out there) needs to be "special" when they go out and preform in front of a crowd. In your opinion, what does it take for a female wrestler to be "special?"






Q5: You've spent a fair amount of time wrestling in Puerto Rico in the past. What was that experience like , and is the wrestling atmosphere there significantly different from that of the U.S.?

Sara Jay: WOW! Is the first that pops into my mind in regards to wrestling in Puerto Rico! The fans are just amazing! They really get behind us as wrestlers and are extremely supportive, loud and passionate!!! I can't really say that theres a huge difference between wrestling in the states and PR as the fans are also very supportive in the states, but as I stated above, PR fans get very loud, very passionate and they really "feel" strongly for wrestling.

Q6: What is your opinion on the WWE's tendency to hire models who have no past wrestling experience to eventually become in-ring performers?

Sara Jay: Personally, Id rather see professionally trained wrestlers get hired first, before other talent - they are the athletes with the PASSION and HEART for the sport in whole. These are the people who should be given the opportunities first - just my two cents worth . :)

Q7: No wrestling match is ever the same, and there certainly is a feeling of "the now" when you watch a match in person. Therefore, how do you personally make sure that every moment of each one of your matches is unique?

Sara Jay: I myself, put ALOT of "Feel" into my matches - I want the crowd to feel what I feel when Im in the ring. If Im being chopped - I want the crowd to "Feel" that through my body language, my facial expressions, my voice etc...this is what I LOVE to do, make the crowd "feel" - and I want the crowd to feel that anguish, that pain, that hurt or that victory!

Q8: Do you think it is more important for a wrestler to have a stand-out personality, or to be an outstanding athlete?

Sara Jay: I think both are important in wrestling! Thats how people will remember who you are. If you just have one or the other in the ring, then you wont stand as much. In wrestling, its all about standing out, defying normality, being larger than life!!!

Q9: Does it upset you at all when some people say that female wrestlers are involved with the industry just because of their looks?

Sara Jay: Of course it does, but I dont really let it get to me. I started wrestling aged 15 and I was the biggest tomboy - not in anyway shape or form was I girlie, so at that time, my looks weren't important to me, so if anyone said anything to me, it didnt bother me. I was a wrestler, I got to beat the boys up and live my dream! Thats what I focused on! I do believe however, that alot of people, both men and women will always have this mindset, especially if they see what society determines to be a "pretty face" inside the wrestling ring and think that they are only there because of their looks - its a touchy subject and I think it will always be around. I however, dont let it get to me...I love wrestling for wrestling - if I didnt want to wrestle and I just wanted to be eye candy, then perhaps I wouldve gone down another path.

Q10: If you could sum up your experience with professional wrestling in just one word, what would that one word be?


Q11:  When your wrestling career has run its course, what do you want to be remembered for the most by your fans?

Sara Jay: I hope for the heart, dedication, determination, desire and passion I put into this sport...that despite the ups and ALOT of downs that I stuck at it and got through...I hope they will remember that I did it for US - everyone who loves wrestling, me, and them the fans who have stuck by me for many years and continued to support me...I hope they will remember how much I appreciate that!

Q12: How do you personally stay grounded and composed when things within your wrestling career haven't worked out the way you wanted them to?

Sara Jay: Easy, I can look at things two ways:

* with a smile

* with a frown

What way would you look at things? I choose to look at things with a smile - because Im still here, Im going and Im SO GRATEFUL for all my achievements and accomplishments so far - through hard work and ALOT of sacrafices. If you hit rock bottom ( which I have ) theres only one way left to go and thats back up! Plus you never know whats around the they say, only the strong survive!

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