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Ray Lyn Interview

Posted on December 20, 2015 at 6:20 PM

Greg here with another exclusive Wrestling Divaz interview. Joining me is Ohio Valley Wrestling alumni, Ray Lyn. Ray is known for her popular relationship with fellow wrestler and boyfriend, Dylan Bostic. Together, the two wrestle worldwide. Thanks for joining me today, Ray!

Q1: There are many wrestling fans out there who think they can pursue a career as a wrestler, but few who actually make the transition to performer. What was the defining moment that made you want to pursue this career seriously?

Ray Lyn: Wrestling was always something I had talked about doing. I've always been the kind of person to do exactly what I say I’m going to do. I lost my dad a few years back, and that was the day I figured out life was to short. I needed to peruse my dream. I literally quit my day job and started hitting the gym to prepare for training.

Q2: You were trained in part by the staff at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). That school has championed some of the best in the industry period. What were your expectations heading into your first day of training, and how were they shifted once you actually went through it?

Ray Lyn: It's funny because I thought wrestling school was going to be a lot like WWE Tough Enough. I thought Nick (Nick Dinsmore) was going to be like a drill instructor. I was totally ready to kick some ass. I was very discouraged at first because I didn't realize how hard it was. It really didn't matter how much cardio I could do; I couldn't properly grab a head lock.

Q3: Being blunt, wrestling is a male dominated industry. The standards are different for women in terms of expectations within performance aspects and the rate of success. How do you embrace this challenge and try your best to make an impact.

Ray Lyn: I’ve been paired up with Dylan (Dylan Bostic) basically from the very start of my career. I want to be looked at as his equal, and not as his girl friend or side kick. It's hard, and I just have to keep going. I want to make people say, “of hey that's Ray Lyn” and not just be known as Dylan Bostic’s manager.

Q4: There's a difference between being a wrestler and being a worker. Being a worker requires a great understand of in-ring psychology. In what are now the early stages of your career, how are you learning to develop your ability to entertain and puppeteer the crowd?

Ray Lyn: I was luck to train with Al Snow at the start of my career, and he is a very character based trainer. I'm always trying to figure out what works best for my character. Every time you step in the ring your learning!

Q5: When fans see you perform whether as a manager or wrestler, what is it that you want them to know about you (Ray Lyn the wrestler)?

Ray Lyn: Hey, I'm here for a good time and a party! Don’t get me wrong though, I will choke a broad!

Q6: You are known for your high-profile partnership with the very popular, Dylan Bostic. Many fans have gravitated to him as the "Justin Bieber of wrestling." How do you mold your relationship as you continue to work with him and feed off of each others energy?

Ray Lyn: We piggy back of each other with different ideas. We both contribute to our team in different ways! When one is feeling down, the other is there to lift up! Also, Dylan is an amazing wrestler. I learn so much from watching him!

Q7: Wrestling has few promises being a part of the entertainment industry. Lots of circumstances factor in to whether or not somebody "makes it." How do you deal with frustration as issues within your career arise whether injuries or politics?

Ray Lyn: My life theory is to live! Just live each day and enjoy the ride! What happens happens! If I make it that's cool; if not I love what I'm doing! I'm proud of myself. I've done a lot in the past two years!

Q8: They always say once someone enters the industry, you never truly leave it. Once your in-ring career has ended, how do you think your time in wrestling will continue to affect your future endeavors?

Ray Lyn: No clue, but wrestling is a serious addiction lol!

Q9: If you could sum up your time as a wrestler using just one word, what would that one word be?

Ray Lyn: Interesting

You can follow Ray Lyn on Twitter: @Ray_Lyn


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