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Alpha Female Interview

Posted on April 18, 2015 at 1:50 AM

Greg is back with another exclusive Wrestling Divaz interview. Joining me today is Germany based female wrestler, Alpha Female. She is a former Pro Wrestling EVE champion and has competed internationally. In 2014, she completed a program with TNA Impact Wrestling which aired on Spike TV, and she feuded with Velvet Sky and ODB. Thanks for joining me today!

Q1: There are many wrestling fans out there, but very few fans, especially female, make the transition to actual in-ring performer. What was the very defining moment in your life that made you want to peruse a wrestling career seriously?

Alpha Female: Being a wrestling fan is not enough and maybe not the best motivation to be an actual wrestler, I think. For me, wrestling was always more than just a thing I like to watch. It was my life and it actually saved me. I do think to enter the squared circle; you should see this whole thing as a business with the main goal to make money. Being on posters, magazines, and holding titles does not mean that you make money. To make a living you should make some cash. Of course it’s a great thing if you love what you do but being simply a fan, does not make you a good wrestler. I, for example, love music, but I can not sing at all. It would be a bad decision for me to be a singer. I always loved wrestling and fighting, and I knew from the age of 10 that I wanted to be in the ring. I went to a wrestling school and it turned out that I’ve got what it takes. I’m still standing after all this time.

Q2: A lot of people can take the meaning of your wrestling name literally in that you are the "Alpha Female" of the wrestling world. However, what does your name mean to you, and what do you want people to associate with it when they hear it?


Alpha Female: I want to set a new standard of being a female wrestler. I want to be a role model and having this name forces me to work hard all the time. I can feel that girls chasing me, they work so hard too, and they come up with new ideas. I always need to proof that I’m THE Alpha Female. This name is also intimidating to others, I guess. Whenever I show up at an event, they treat me with respect and that is exactly what I want. I’m not a wrestler by accident; I have worked very hard for everything I have. I have overcome so many obstacles that I’m mentally and physically strong. I’m probably the strongest out there.

Q3: Some fans and competitors argue that the amount of females out there in the wrestling world who are there for all the right reasons is the exception and not the rule. In your opinion, what is the difference between the ladies who really want to put on a good show, and those who are just looking for television attention?


Alpha Female: Back in the days when I started wrestling more than 10 years ago, it was a time where most of the girls where in the ring because of being a wrestler’s girlfriend. They thought they can have easy fame with being in the ring but times have changed drastically. You can see barely any girls like that anymore these days. The quality of female wrestling is really good, and we girls protect our business better than ever. We girls put way too much heart, blood, sweat, and tears into the reputation we build. Female wrestlers are great athletes, and I’m proud to call myself a female wrestler. The times of bra & panty matches are long gone, and we have great shows to perform such as Shimmer, Shine, Stardom, Pro Wrestling Eve, WSU, and many more

Q4: Wrestling is a form of entertainment where the outcomes are predetermined. However, due to the physicality, some say that athleticism counts above all. What is your take on weighing the athleticism versus entertainment side of wrestling, and should one take a precedent over the other?


Alpha Female: As you said, it is predetermined. However, that is just the 1, 2, 3 seconds of your shoulders on the mat. The rest is hard work. I need to workout three times a day, do my cardio, my weight training, and many other exercises to keep my strength going. This enables me to have a great look, and of course I need to train the moves I perform in the ring. I practice my bumps to be safe in the ring again and again. It’s a lot of athleticism, and I do call myself an athlete that happens to be an entertainer. We see stars from TV & film entering the squared circle on occasion without an intense training. They are not able to have a 5 star match. To be a wrestler, you need to work hard. You can be successful if you are the complete package. You must have the look, but also the ability to perform on the mat and act in front of the camera.

Q5: In-ring psychology is arguably the most important aspect to any wrestling match/training session. You are a lot larger than most competitors and can use the fear factor against the audience. How do you use your in-ring psychology knowledge to bring out the fear in the crowd and convince them that you are indeed the Alpha Female?


Alpha Female: To be honest, everywhere I go the crowds react differently. If I go to Japan, I am the big bad heel. When I was in America, they totally loved me and cheered for me. When I’m in the UK it’s case by case and always changes. I do personally think it also depends on my opponent and what the promoter wants from me. I once had a show where I went out totally arrogant using my German heritage in the UK. By the end of the match the security guards had to protect me from these crazy English fans who truly hated me. What did I do? I totally dominated the girl and beat the living hell out of her. I was looking down to the people who were beneath me, and they knew I was strong. They knew they couldn’t do anything against me, and I found it to be hilarious. A day later I was at another show in the UK and did exactly the same thing. Only difference is I let the people be a part of the action and did what they wanted. I asked them "You want me to chop this girl?" and they loved it. The poor girl probably didn’t, but the fans couldn’t have been happier. That kind of satisfaction was important.

Q6: The media has well documented the risks of wrestling and the use of prescription drugs and steroids. Some legends in the industry have gone on record and said that the demand is too much for anyone to handle. Do you think wrestling should be regulated more in terms of safety, or is it more up to the individual to monitor health?


Alpha Female: I’m in the entertainment business because I do not like being told what to do. Therefore, I’m totally against the idea of anyone wanting to regulate anything I’m doing. We are all grown ups, and we should know what we are doing. It is a though business and the competition is high. The pain is sometimes way too high, but I guess it’s like every other business. Only the strong survive.


Q7: Last year, you finished an international tour with TNA Impact Wrestling, some of which aired on Spike TV. It's different when you work with a big crowd and in front of TV cameras on national television. How did this experience differ from your past wrestling shows, and what are you going to take away from your TV time?


Alpha Female: The pressure of being on TV is so much higher than being on a small show without a camera. Being on a program that is aired worldwide (any program in general) is a big chance but also includes the risk of failure. If you make a mistake it will be there forever. So many people will not forget about it. It’s a scary thought for sure. Many people are working on a TV program. A lot of money is invested, so you better give your very best. For me personally, it is nerve wreaking and filled with a lot of anxiety. However a big relief comes when all went well. I appreciate that more than ever now, and if I have the chance to be on a TV program again, I want to have an inside look as much as possible. I like asking questions and just want to know everything. Working for TV in front of and behind the camera is awesome.

Q8: They say that once you enter the wrestling industry you never truly leave it. How do you think wrestling will continue to affect your life after retirement?


Alpha Female: Retirement? What is that??

Q9: If you could sum up your experience as a pro wrestler using just one word, what would it be?


Alpha Female: Crazypainfullunbelievablewonderfuladventure


Thank you, Wrestling Divaz, for the interview. Thank you to all my fans for reading it and supporting me. Thank you for the support and if anyone wants to know more about the Alpha Female check out


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